Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fierce ( Give Another Shot ) | Rayn From The Sky

For today's Give Another Shot post.This shot was done after my shirt right after.I'll try to do another photo shoot using that camouflage blanket.

All Great Achievements Requires Time | Rayn From The Sky

Black always gives you a sleek \, very polished look.Do I look like Miggy of It Takes A Man and A Woman??? hahah just kidding.

Black Button Down Shirt - Thrifted had it altered
Pants - Bench
Dress Shoes - Salvatorre Mann ( SM Department Store )

Friday, April 26, 2013

High-SchooL-ish Vibe ( Give Then Another Shot ) | Rayn From The Sky

Guys please give another chance to take a look on my old post LB another shot.I'll try to post the first post since during that time, I only have few followers.

No Regrets... Just Lesson Learned | Rayn From The Sky

 Denim Ripped Off Jeans - I decided to have that denim ripped off jeans to altered to my skinny jeans because it's actually a bot cut one and I totally love the fitting of it...

Blazer - another great finds from the thrift shop for only 20pesos. Im planning to have that alter so watch out for the new look.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ugly Personality Destroys Pretty Face | Rayn From The Sky

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Sorry for not updating my blog.I just had a problem w/my internet connection.Anyway, with regards to this look, I just had a random photoshoot ( 4 outfits in a row so that I have a buffer since I really don't have enough time to take pictures because of my work ).

Scarf - It was actually a uniform outfitof the staffs of Folded and Hung way back 2008.Aztec or Native print was really not that of a huge trend but actually scarf was the trend that time.What I love about this scarf is its cropped to triangle compare to the usual scarf w/c is square and you have to fold it into a triangle before you wear it.

Pants - Thrifted and had it altered to my favorite skinny jeans.Although I don't like the result somehow because it still looks baggy although the bottom part is already narrowed.I still like it because the design reminds me of Levi's Engineered Jeans

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

GIF Collections Batch 2 | Rayn From The Sky

I discovered a great app for creating simple GIF. I'm using GIF Camera for Android.Just simple combine your simple and it'll create a cute animated gifs. You can also take a moving object just like what I did below.You can also create a a same picture with different filters and effect and just simple combine and you'll come up with this cool effect on the 2nd one.

Shot taken after my graveyard shift in ortigas.

To achieve this, just using one picture and apply different kinds of effects and filters ( create 4  same pictures w/ different effects ).I used Pixlr Express for Android

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Natural Flowers As A Brooch | Rayn From The Sky

If I have a garden full of roses and flowers, I'll do this as my everyday accessory.Another great picture spotted through Pinterest under Weddings categories...You'll find not just great wedding inspiration but also some cool D.I.Y ideas and outfits...

Flower Brooch | Rayn From The Sky

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

How To Achieve A Business Casual Look | Rayn From The Sky

Another quick guide on how to achieve the business casual look.This will help to those who have a dress code or for those who's applying for a job.I totally agree that investing to a great denim pants in dark shades and chino pants because you can wear it either in business casual or smart casual and pair it w/ either a dress shoes , loafers , topsiders and even sneakers...

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man | Rayn From The Sky

Another great guide that I spotted through Pinterest on choosing the modern suit...Totally love it because its very detailed.If you couldn't read it, just click the link below to view it in full screen and just simply enlarge it.

Choose Magic Over Predictability | Rayn From The Sky

Galaxy Denim Pants - First time to create my own D.I.Y denim pants...Galaxy effect was a huge trend last year. Its not that perfect because there's a lot of flaws but at least I know what to do and to consider in terms on doing this.hehehe

if you notice the toy gun??? hahahaha... I just want to add some quirkiness in this shot...Watch out, I'll use our vintage military long gun from our storage that I found.Long story but actually we live in an old building that was used as a storage for military equipment.

GIF created using Photoscape...