Sunday, July 19, 2015

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream Review

I got forced to buy this bb cream from one of my officemates who's an Avon dealer. Since I'm a big fan of BB cream so I decided to try this Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream.

When I squeeze in a pea-sized amount of it, I noticed the liquid-ish type of it so you have a better control of getting a right amount. The good thing about it is the easiness on applying it to your face. I find this bb cream so sheer to apply to the point that its not enough to conceal some scar in your face so you still have to use a concealer.

After using it for 2-3 weeks I noticed that my skin becomes lighter when I checked some of my pictures. This is the only product that I used that has a whitening content.

One thing that I don't like about it is after almost a month, I noticed that the oil starts to separate from the cream.

I hoping that Avon tried to improve the quality of it especially the scent. I'm hoping that they change the scent because for me, it reminds me of a scent of a ballpen.

Final Verdict:

I may probably still use this if its on a 50% discount of someone gave it to me.

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CalChews Calcium Sof Gel + Vitamin D & K Review

It's my first time to get items from samplemroom.PH that is edible. When I found out that their latest samples are the products of Pascual Lab such as C-Lium, OraCare and my favorite sample, Cal-Chews.

I got 2 variants of it, the Chocolate and Caramel flavor. It comes in a soft, chewy form candy. And the small box comes with 7 cubes.

I first tried the chocolate one and it tastes so good just like the taste of our favorite Tootsie Roll. I also pike the Caramel flavor. It also tastes like one of the famous caramels flavoured candy in the market but I can't recall the name of it. I really can't believe that these candies are actually a food supplement that comes with Calcium plus Vitamin D & K. This is so perfect to those who don't like drinking milk.

I will definitely buy this. I'm hoping that this great food supplement would come up with different flavors in the future like bubble gum, strawberry, vanilla, etc .

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