Friday, June 28, 2013

Give Thought To The Consequences Of Your Actions | Rayn From The Sky

Fur Bomber Jacket W/ Hoodie - I'm been searching for a fur hoodie that's why when I spotted this, I just grabbed this in the racks w/out any second thought.

BTW, don't you like my uber-strickin haircolor??? It's actually Copper Blond but in this picture, it's in a shade of red.

We're The Creators Of Our Own Experience | Rayn From The Sky

I supposedly post this look last Saturday but I decided not to because first, Im contemplating on what to post because I totally love this look and second, only few people are log in to Lookbook on weekends.

Boots - Its my current favorite.I got it from the Thrift Shop.I don't usually buy shoes in the thrift store because its so hard to find great finds for shoes because its either doesn't fit you or its almost worn out.But this one is totally in a good conditions I just have to washed the sole part.Some of my colleague thought its brand new. hahaha...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Think Before You Act. You Might Hurt Someone | Rayn From The Sky

Oriental Printed Button Down - It used to be a long sleeved but I decided to have it altered into short sleeved one so that I can wear it in casual without looking like you're going to a costume party or a United Nation-themed program.hahaha

Cropped Pants - I guess rolled up chino pants is still trending.It's actually a long pants.I'm about to go to an out of town trip and during that time I don't invest to shorts so I decided to cut this pants and rolled it up to achieve a laidback and effortless look.

Socks - Oxygen
Brogues - Milanos ( SM Department Store )

Single : Relationship With FREEDOM | Rayn From The Sky

Shredded Blazer ( worn backward ) - sometimes, my mind vomits some crazy ideas like shredding that blazer at the back part.I may be cant wear that in public but its a great and cool vision as an stylist.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up | Rayn From The Sky

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I missed taking pictures in my room w/ my blue curtain.If you checked some of my old post here in LB, I started using blue curtain then edited so it'll look like Im in a studio.Lots of my friends are totally love it and amazed how I did it.Sometimes, we have to try new things so I stop using the blue curtain background and took pictures in a different location.

Cap - Supposedly, I bought it for my Dad because Mom thought me that he would love it but it seems like he doesn't like it.So I started to use it instead..hehe

Denim On Paisley Print Button Down - I just love the idea of matching both garments because the denim jacket has a rough texture where as the paisley button down has a soft feminine prints.I've been noticing this combo in the LB community so I'm inspired to come up w/ this.

Cap - Star City ( you can also find it in some flee markets and tiangge )
Denim Jacket - Izzue
Paisley Button Down Short Sleeves - Thrift Shop
Denim Shorts - Levi's
Socks - Oxygen
Sneakers - Puma

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Success Is Based On Persistence | Rayn From The Sky

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This look is actually deleted because I guess the shoes is not clearly viewed.So I edited it by lightening the shot.

Shirt - When I spotted this one in the Thrift Store, I'd never had a second thought so I grabbed it from the racks...hahah. I love the cut out shots of that big city image so it looks so current and trendy.

Ripped Denim Shorts - I've been wearing this for so long and I found out that it's a Uniqlo when I noticed in the button of it.

Denim Domination | Rayn From The Sky

It was from a ripped-off sleeve denim vest, to chambray/denim button-down shirt to denim shorts, denim garments are so back and trendy.I noticed that the new approach is more grunge-ish because of the ripped off are some of the stuffs spotted in, instagram and pinterest

Love the denim button down...perfect match to the earth-toned short and shoes 

My idol, David Guison, wearing a new approach to a denim jacket because of the leather sleeves... 
Denim on Denim.I love the way he wear the jumper.I also love the denim vest over a simple white shirt

Another great lookbook user , Leon...I love the denim on denim look in different shades.It adds more coolness when he wears the Vans sneakers

Love the shades of this denim biker's jacket..

Tricia Gosingtian, one of the famous blogger here in the Philippines is also wearing denim jacket

A borrowed-boyfriend-loose-jeans is been in the scene for so long...I love the rips in that jeans.. 

Denim Jacket on Printed Shirt - cool combo...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Do You Choose To Be Sad, When You Can Be Happy??? | Rayn From The Sky

Ripped Sleeved Denim Blazer - Before I decided to completely rip off the sleeves to make it as a blazer, I decided to cut it in half then take a picture of it to see if how it's going to look like...

DIY Aviator Necklace - It just pop up in my mind to reinvent this aviator shade into a necklace.It has a purpose actually.You can use it as a mirror because its polarized.