Thursday, September 26, 2013

Snow Cone | Rayn From The Sky

My friends always noticed that I often wear button-down shirt even on weekend.Well, I just love wearing it...hahaha...I guess I'm already accustomed on wearing it.I dunno, I just preferred wearing a collared shirt just to hide my slim neck. hahaha .

I just love the idea of matching the crisp collared shirt to a ripped jeans.Its like toning down the the posh image of the shirt then complete the look my wearing sneakers and wayfarer..

Button Down Shirt - United Colors of Benetton
Denim Pants ( diy ) - Izzue
Sneakers - Nike

Snow Cone ( 30pesos) - this is a quick relief after riding those dizzying ride like Flying Fiesta.Shot taken using MyPhone a898 duo.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekend Shift Outfit | Rayn From The Sky

Before I accept this job as a CSR in one of the call center company located in Ortigas Center, Pasig. Im a bit hesitant because we are called Weekend Warriors.That means we will have a shift during weekend for the rest of our stay in their company.But later on I enjoyed it because that's the time that I enjoy wearing my streets style outfit inspired to the looks that I spotted in, Instagram, facebook page that tackles about men's fashion and in Garage Magazine.

Denim Jacket ( Izzue ) - I totally love wearing this because it reminds me of the classic style of James Dean.

Boots ( Thrifted ) - When I spotted this in the racks of one of the thrift store in Cubao, I never had a second thought of buying it.My co-workers are amazed when they found that its thrifted because it looks good as new.The sole is not that overused.

Ripped Off Jeans - One of the garments that I enjoy wearing is the ripped off jeans.Did you know that I DIY-ed it??? hahaha... I'll post it here once I got free time to take a shot on how to achieve that almost-perfect rip.
Printed Socks ( Penshoppe )- One of the current trends since last year.I love the idea of today's trend because its not acceptable to wear quirky printed socks.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

C'mon | Rayn From The Sky

Deep Red Brooch - Another great creation from THE HAND MADE CHIC.
Pink Hair Chalk - I used a hair chalk.You can purchase it per stick by going to EliseAndMissysOnlineShop.

Crazy Kid | Rayn From The Sky

Would you like to say hello to my pink hair??? hahaha... I just used a hair chalk... 

Crochet Brooch - handmade by my friend Therese. I believe that the crochet crafts has a huge and promising market that's why I'm helping my friend to market it by incorporating her creation to my looks.
For more of her creations, pls do go check out her blog, THE HAND MADE CHIC. If you have a preferred design, not a biggie for her because she's good at customizing stuffs.She's been doing the crochet for so many years.

I have 2 more looks using her creation to be post here soon

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stars Goes Down.Sun Come Out | Rayn From The Sky

This is my 198th look from Lookbook.Nu...,That's how I'm totally dedicated on taking shots of my lookssince 2011 but actually I've been taking pictures of myself since 2007 before I discovered I've been experimenting different kinds of looks, pose and shots and I must say that I completely changed my style.I'm still thinking of throwing some giveaways as part of my 200th look in ( wow, such a huge thing on me huh?!? hahaha )

BTW, the shot was taken by Grace Gaudicos using my MyPhone a898 Duo and edited using Photoscape.

Button Down Shirt - United Colors Of Benetton
Bag - TechBag ( Sm Department Store )
Pants - Thrifted
Blue Suede Brogues - Milanos Shoes ( SM Department Store )
Leather Bracelet - SM Accessories ( SM Department Store )

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