Friday, March 29, 2013

We Are All Meant To Soar | Rayn From The Sky

Button Down Shirt - I got it from the thrift shop for only 10 pesos...hahaha...thank God I didnt purchased it before when it was in a 50-peso price... Too bad I didnt take a shot of the back part of it but don't worry once I decided to alter it, I'll show you the back part .I'm so amazed with this because it has 4 different prints of it and I'm also surprised that this one is Marithé François Girbaud.

Button Down Shirt - Marithé François Girbaud
Ripped Off Denim Shirts ( DIY ) - Levi's
Topsider - Salvatorre Mann ( Sm Department Store )

The Only Voice That Matters Is Your Own | Rayn From The Sky

While browsing some great pics from Instagram...I spotted this inspiring quote from @roland9s (btw, thanks for following me on IG, hehehe )...

On the last quarter of 2012 I've noticed that I've been doing this kind of look the point that I've been repeating this look  shirt+buttoned vest+necktie combo...I just love it..Thanks t the LB community for giving me an idea of pulling this kind of look...But lately I just realized that from our recent company christmas party, I noticed that lots of people come up w/ this kind of look.I was like  'may I suppose to wear this kind of look in a special occasion or may I just comfortable wearing this in an everyday routine??? Nah, the hell I care.For me, if I want to wear it, I'll wear it for as long as it'll make me feel happy....hahaha

Vest - H & M
White Pinstriped Button Down - Gap
Slim Necktie - Folded and Hung
Skinny Jeans - Bench
Socks and Brogues - Oxygen

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can't Afford To Be Surround By Negativity | Rayn From The Sky

I got pissed last week because one of my ex-teammate from my previous work left a not-so-good-comment on my post in instagram...Since I was not in a mood that time so I decided to unfriend him on facebook... It's going to be hard to fulfill my dreams if I'm surrounded with negative peeps.I'm ok with constructive comments but not w/ a hate feedback.If you cant same something good, then shut the fuck out...Don't worry guys I'm already ok....hahahaha

I would truly appreciate if you leave a comment to any of my post there or even share to your other social media sites but your simple visit in my blog is well appreciated...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Got Features On | Rayn From The Sky

I just got time to post one of my first.I got featured to one of the fashion blogs in Tumblr , First time that I got interviewed about my style and how and where do I get inspiration...I just screenshot it since my pics looks good to view in mobile version hahaha.Lesson learned.I didn't submit a high-quality pictures so they just got my pics from my account.

You can check out their blog.Just go to

Just read my article.Hope you'll enjoy...

More Pics??? Just visit , , , , , , @raynfromthesky ( Instagram/Twitter )

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Takes Time To Get Results | Rayn From The Sky

 I'm running out of style inspiration for the past few days.Thank God, I got lots of reserved pics taken before that I haven't post yet...

Too late to realize that I should have took a shot of that top.I originally got it as a long sleeved shirt from the thrift shop and I decided to have it altered.I've been looking for a paisley printed top since it was trending last 2 years ago.