Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whispers Of Tomorrow Echoed In My Mind

I have nothing much to say about this look because its too simple.I only wore my Tortoise Watch from Timex courtesy of Ponggo of and my Sunnies from SM Accessories.I'm already accustomed on wearing piled weaved
bracelet.I believe that accessories is the cheapest way to look stylish.If they got a new update, it'll only
cost you few bucks like 100pesos to buy a new bracelet and sunnies.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Camouflage Shirt X Studded Denim Vest X Orange Hair

Camouflage Shirt - Another stuff that I spotted in the thrift shop.Can't remember the exact price but definitely it's below 50pesos.Well, originally the size of it is too big for me so I went to my friendly taylor in Y-3 Tailoring Shop to have it alter to my favorite, perfectly fitted shirt that I have.I'll wear that just the shirt without any layering style.

I totally love Ortigas every sunday because the street is close to the motorist to give way to the Green Day.Every sunday, there's a lot of activities like fun run, zumba, biking, flee markets and more.

Camouflage Shirt and Studded Denim Vest ( DIY ) - both from the thrift shop
Skinny Jeans - Folded and Hung
Sneakers - Nike
Turtoise Watch - Timex

Purple Bear Sweater

Shot taken after my graveyard shift, sunday morning

Purple Bear Sweater - Spotted in the Thrift Shop for only 50pesos.I'm so surprised that alot of my friends love it when I posted this in my Instagram account ( @raynfromthesky , please follow me, hehehe ) 

Taking selfie w/ my friend, Marris acting as a photobomber.hahaha
Turtoise / Leopard Printed Sunnies - SM Accessories ( SM Store )

Turtoise Watch - Timex
Chino Pants - Giordano
Boots - Milanos ( SM Store )
Turtoise Sunnies - SM Accessories ( SM Store )

 @raynfromthesky ( Instagram & Twitter )

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ripped Denim Vest X Raglan Shirt

I just really love the idea of matching a raglan shirt to a vest since a two-toned jacket is such a hit in the mens fashion scene.

Ripped Sleeve Denim Vest, Ripped Denim Short and Raglan Shirt - all from the Thrift Shop/Ukay Ukay
Socks - Forever 21 Men
Sneakers - Nike

Did you notice something??? I used a purple hair chalk.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

There's an "I" in a TEAM

Just realized that this look is quite like a sporty-inspired one.I usually pull any clothes available in my wardrobe then just put it together.And I totally like how I style my hair here. 

Since its its summer, I opt to roll up the sleeve of my raglan shirt.

I know it's already summer here in Manila but that doesn't mean that you put your cardi to your cabinet for 2 months.Wear your cardi wrapped around your waist so you can wear it if you're planning to go to a movie house or mall.

Summer is also the season of bright colors so wear your bright colored wayfarer. 

And also since its summer, why not dye your hair like this one just for a chance.Besides, its only good for two months esp if you're still studying.

High socks is so back.

Orange Wayfarer - SM Accessories
Red Raglan Shirt/ Denim Shorts / Cardigan - Thrifted
Socks - Forever 21
White Sneakers - Pony

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Orange from Hair to Wayfarer

This is actually a quick shoot because I'm going to give this to my friend the next day.I haven't take a shot yet of this cool denim jacket.I just want to check how I look like when I wear this.This is something that I would wear with a black skinny jeans.I know I failed on this one but I still like to post it to my blog.

The idea of wearing an orange wayfarer with an orange hair color.

Orange Wayfarer - SM Accessories
Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Ripped Jeans - DIY
Suede Shoes - Milanos | SM Department Store

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oversized Big Black Blue Stripes Sweater / Pullover

I know this one is almost 2 months late to post here.I usually post first my new look on me, I haven't watch the trailer yet of Peabody and Sherman when I dye my hair orange.Actually, I used a hair colorant in Purplish Red but since I bleached my hair twice to make it lighter that's why it turns out orange like Hayley Williams.

Oversized Big Black Blue Stripes Sweater / Pullover - 50 pesos.I got it from the thrift shop last year during summer.I just love the color blue ( the richer like royal blue, the better ).Gone are the days of wearing semi-fitted pullover.