Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There Will Be Justice

This is my latest diy project where I used a leftover sleeves from the camouflage shirt that I've altered and stitch it to this black shirt that used to be a long sleeved top.I'm inspired by this one article that I spotted while browsing on how to diy a two-toned jacket.I'll post my step-bys-step guide on how did I achieve that.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Galaxy-Printed Tank Top

Printed Tank Top is such a huge trend as of the moment.I noticed this trend from browsing looks from the top menswear blogger, David Guison.I also noticed this trend from the recent rave parties and music festivals that I joined this year.It's very practical yet stylish because you gonna be all soak in sweat while jumping to the ocean of crown.

But for ours that has a restricted dress code in their workplace or those who are not confident to pull this off, you can still wear this article-of-the-moment by wearing a button-down shirt or a cardigan and let it open in front so it'll show the prints of the tank top

I spotted this tank top from Tee Culture, an exclusive clothing line for teens available in SM Store.Actually, I spotted this on sale, from 350pesos, I got it for only 175pesos.

Button Down Shirt - United Colors of Benetton
Galaxy Printed Tank Top - Tee Culture by SM Store
Dog Tag - SM Accessories by SM Store
Jeans - Bench
Sneakers - Nike SB
Watch - Swap Watch

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Special Movie Screening of Disney's Maleficent By Nuffnang Philippines and Globe Prepaid

I got an email alert from Nuffnang Philippines that they have a special movie screening of Disney's Maleficent courtesy of Globe Prepaid.Im so excited because I'd won to their blogger contest last year for the special movie screening of Thor 2.In order for me to win, I just have to create an entry titled 20 Ways You Can Be Best Friend Ever ) . I thought I only have a small chance to make it to the Top 100 slots but fortunately, I made it when I got an email from Nuffnang Philippines.

My real name is Raymond Lustado.Did you find me???

Since the promo is about our BFF so bring my friend, Therese to the movie screening.She's the reason I'm so active on joining the contest and discovering my luck in this kind of contest.But Therese is very much active than me.You can check out her blog for some of her entries that she submitted (

We really enjoyed the movie.Actually we thought that the movie will finish at 11:50 since it was started at 9:50 pm but the movie done at 11:30 pm.Therese has a shift at 12:00 midnight.

I'm really expect a giveaway from Globe Prepaid because last year, I got a coffee tumbler but now they level up: they gave me a 4GB Flash Drive.It's so cute because I thought it's a simple key chain but Therese told me it's a flash drive.

Print Social is part of the event. I so love them because you just have to post a picture on Instagram with a hashtag #GlobeGoUnli20 and after the movie, the printed picture is ready to pick it up.

Here's some little spoiler to you guys if you're still undecided to watch this.

1. First Angelina Jolie so incredible as Maleficent
2. Elle Fanning looks so good and sweet as Aurora
3. The 3 Pixie Fairies are so funny and adorable just like 3 Stooges
4. Watch out for her wings...It has its own like so watch out how...
5. The True Love Kiss is not the Prince.I so love the twist.

There are three lessons that I've learn from this movie:

1. Be careful what you wish for because you might get it and the worst, you might cant reverse it. ( This is somehow a spoiler, hehehe )
2. Don't say or make a decision while at your peak of your emotion ( Maleficent was so hurt in the movie, :(   ) 
3. There's always an understandable reason to someone's cruelty, ugly personality and/or acts.

As per soundtrack , I so love that Disney selected Lana Del Rey to sing the OST title Once Upon a Dream.the track is very haunting, timeless and gives you a mysterious vibe.
Again, I really want to thank Globe Prepaid and Nuffnang Philippines for coming up with this movie screening contest.

Paisley Button Down Shirt + Beach Graphic Shorts

Summer is about to finish here in the Philippines so I need to post this look.

The short is such a great find because I bought it from SM Department Store and they were having a 3-day sale.It's already on sale for 50% off from plus SM Store was having an early bird promo for SM Advantage Card holder where we can get an additional 10% off on top of the discounted price.The Early Bird Promo is valid on the 1st day of the 3-day sale period from 10am to 12noon.But for this kind of sale, expect a long line of customer.You know what, its my first time to experience to stay in the line for more than an hour.So before you avail this early bird promo, make sure you bought everything that you need to get more discount so that tiring long line is very worth it.

Paisley Floral Printed Button Down - Thrifted
Beach Graphic Shorts - Coco Republic by SM Store
Flipflops - Banana Peel
The flip flops is also a great finds from the clearance sale of Banana Peel.From the original price of 440pesos, I only got it for only 220pesos.