Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Green | Rayn From The Sy

This two-toned polo shirt was too big for me so I really don't wear this.But When I discovered about the art of alternation, I decided to have it fix to make it perfect fit to me.

This two-toned polo is actually my old polo shirt.I altered it because it was too big for me.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wayfarer As A Bowtie ( DIY ) | Rayn From The Sky

my favorite studded denim vest is back... I matched it with my white crisp polo shirt with a tuxedo-inspired colar, 5cm chino pants that I got from the Thrift Shop and pair it with my white Puma Sneakers... Did you noticed that thing in my neck??? That is right, its a wayferer that I reinvented as a bowtie..I just used a velvet-ish string to wrap it in my neck...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Color Blind | Rayn From The Sky

I just a photoshoot last night ( naks, hahah ) because I noticed that I keep posting same outfit althouh in a diffrent posing.Im so sorry for my fans and followers... So here's one of my pics that I did yesterday...

Green Blind Shirt - Im wearing a green shirt given to me by my high school friend before we graduated.Im sure he'll be happy how I take care of his gift.

Oversized Cardigan - Because of of the famous peeps here on lookbook that's why I got an idea on how to carry an oversized cardi in a swaginly approach

Drop-Crouch Pants -  I got that from my fave thrift shop near our house in Cubao... Im a bit skeptical if I'm about to wear it to my work because the bottom part is uber-skinny its like wearing leggings so I take a shot first if it really looks good and I made a right decision to buy this...

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Native Howard Topsider Shoes | Rayn From The Sky

I totally love this Native Howard Topsider Shoes that I got...Its perfect for our unpredictable weather.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Clear Out The Confusion | Rayn From The Sky

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Watch - Swatch
Howard Slip on - Native
Denim Shorts - Levi's

Double-Breasted Jacket - Thrift Shop ( Cubao )
 Denim Shrts - Levi's
Gray Rubber Topsider - Native

If you noticed, I reworked the buttons by replacing it w/ a gold military buttons to achieved a european army inspired jacket

Hope you like it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waiting In Vain | Rayn From The Sky

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That polo shirt that Im wearing as a cover up was actually over altered on the side part so if I put those buttons, it'll emphasize my small waist and alot of people will feel envy about it because in our office I eat a lot butI don't gain weight. hahahaha

I'm used Pixlr-O-Matic for Android for editing those pictures.I love their Effects, Overlays and Frames.I'm currently using Pixlr Express For Android.I like that because it gives you the same options to edit your picture like Auto-Adjust, Contrast , Vibrance , Focal Blur and many more. The latest update which is my favorite is the text feature where we can use hundreds of different font text to your picture.You can also edit your picture from your deskstop. Just google Pixlr or you can also find them on Facebook

No, I'm Not Lucky.I'm Blessed, Yes - Nicki Minaj-Moment 4 Life | Rayn From The Sky

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Shoes - Salvatorre Mann ( SM Department Store )
Pants - Bench
Top - It was given to me by my cousin.I just love it lately because the fabric is soft.Lot of my co-workers love it

This look is actually part of my Top 10 Most Hype Looks for 2012.

 - Rayn From The Sky

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Photoshoot using my AgfaPhoto Digicam

Hi's my first photo shoot that  I had when I purchased my Agfa Photo Selecta 14. IM a bit dissapointed because it'snot good for low-light location ad the flash is something that you cat rely on.You really have to edit it in order to make it look good.

I'm wearing a red wayferer that I bought from Star City.The shirt is from Sm Department Store and I only got it for less than 200 pesos.The pants is from Bench and its one of my fave pants because it's not too skinny and not to wide so I use it if I want t go from preppy to casual.Ad lastly, the shoes is from Nike that I bought from Shoe Salon.

Hope you like this one.Before that, at the bottom, pls hype some of the looks that I posted in again.

---Rayn From The Sky

Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Customize An Old Denim Jacket Using Studs

Hi guys...This is my first post about customizing an old styled denim jacket and convert it into a cool vest by cutting the sleeves off and putting a studs.Thanks to the community because I've seeing a lot of outfits w/ a denim vest.Much better if you customize it by just simply cutting the sleeves of your old denim jacket.The denim jacket that I got is from a thrift shop.

Hope you like it..