Thursday, October 31, 2013

We'll Run Where Lights Won't Chase Us

Shot done in Ortigas Park after my graveyard shift as a call center agent.Our company don't really mandate us to wear office attire like this.We're more into smart casual look.Actually a simple t-shirt-jeans-sneakers is fine.But sometimes I tend to wear crisp long-sleeved button down shirt matched to a chino pants and dress shoes because I want to look clean and respectable. hahaha.

Black Button Down Shirt - Thrifted
Chino Pants - 5Cm
Monk Strap - Milanos Shoes

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath Consumer Review

Before, it's so hard for me to find a both wash that won't strip down the moisture level of my skin since I got a extremely dry skin condition ( unfortunate for me, huhuhu ). I bought the bottle of  Johnson's Baby Milk Bath just for my face since I my friend recommended to use a baby products to our skin after bedtime since our skin already washed before we got to bed to get rid of dirt that may cause pimples which I'm totally scared.After few days, I noticed the smoothness as a effect of using this so I decided to use not just after bedtime but also BEFORE BEDTIME.Then later on, I decided to use it as a body wash.The usual conundrum that I encounter using moisturizing body wash or soap is exfoliating content so I tend to use whitening soap even if it strips down the moisture level of my skin.But after using this together w/ another product ( which I'll feature it SOON ).This product has a a natural milk protein, and vitamins A & E.It also has a NO MORE TEARS formula.Its also affordable and easy to find because its available in your nearest supermarkets.You can buy it in 200ml and 100ml but to save more money, I'll suggest to buy the refill packs if you have some empty bottles and canister.For example, the 200ml bottled one costs you 70-80pesos but if you buy the refill pack, it'll only cost you 59pesos.Great savings right??? I want to try their new one because it not just have milk protein but it also has some rice content.I'll buy that and have it feature here SOON.

Final Verdict:

 Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is so gentle to your skin so you can use it not just as a body wash but also as a facial wash.

A Touch Of 90's Vibe ( How To Wear Denim Jacket In Different Ways Part 3 )

The third and last look on how to wear denim jacket and that is by wearing it around your waist.Perfect to the unpredictable weather like here in the Philippines.It gives a street style flair.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blogopolis 2013 #IntoTheWild


Nowadays , everyone wants to become famous through the web by the help of the top social-media sites.But its not that easy as 1-2-3 to do that.Thank God Nuffnang Philippines and Blink will help a event called Blogopolis #IntoTheWild with a tagline WILD means Weaving Information for Leaders of the Digital World.This is a conference not just for the bloggers but also for social media influencers, students, digital marketing officers, and advertisers, and anyone who is interested in the world of digital, particularly social media.Key speakers will be discussing social media know-how and digital marketing and advertising trends.

  •              Abe Olandres for The Cycle of Ads: How to Make Social Media Advertising Effective
  • ·         Aisa Ipac for Taking your Readers Offline: Successful Ways to Mount a Blog Event
  • ·         Christine Dychiao for Blog Fund: 10 Ways to Guide Back Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media
  • ·         Googly Gooeys (Tippy & Pong Go) for The Media Kit: Creating a Compelling Blog and Social Media      Proposal
  • ·          Jeff Lo for Blog Thy Neighbor
  • ·         Jim Paredes for The New Nation 2.0
  • ·         Josh Vilanueva for Youtube: The Next Frontier
  • ·         Lori Baltazar for Podcasting 2.0: The Podcast is Alive
  • ·         Aris Olea (Creator of ConjuRain), Macky Lopez (Gwiyomi “Nasaan na si Mikay?”) for Going Viral

Blogopolis 2013 will also have their first Nuffie Awards to recognize the contributions of selected online influencers. 

  • Here are the categories and nominees:
    The Game Changers
    1.     The Webmeister (Best Blog Layout of the Year)
    2.     The Newsroom (Best Source of Information of the Year)
    c.      @rapplerdotcom
    d.      @mmda
    e.      @jimparedes
    3.     The Jokebox (Funniest Influencer of the Year)
    d.      @ramonbautista
    e.      @petramahalimuyk
    f.        @sam_yg
    g.      Facundo & Filomena – Anyare?
    4.     The Following (Best Community Engagement)
    a.      The Becky Nights Podcast
    5.     Bloggers’ Choice Award
    The Movers & Shakers
    1.     The Social Engineer (Best Social Media Advocacy of the Year)
    a.      #RescuePH
    b.      P&G's E Studyante
    c.      Juana Change
    d.      @MovePH
    e.      I AM Peter Pardo
    2.     The Imagineer (Blogs with Best Photos)
    f.        Everywhere We Shoot - @ewws
    3.     The Rookie
    e.      Team Kramer - @dougkramer / @chekakramer
    4.     The One for Zero (Twitter Influencer of the Year)
    a.      @ramonbautista
    b.      @sam_yg
    c.      @chicogarcia
    d.      @divinemlee
    e.      @saabmagalona
    5.     The N Factor (Blogger of the Year)
    6.     The Chosen One (Influencer of the Year)
    a.      Lori Baltazar
    b.      Ramon Bautista
    c.      Jenni Epperson
  • Spectrum ( How to Wear Denim Jacket In Different Ways - Part 2 )

    Another way of wearing this timeless garment is to wear it as a CAPE.Good thing about this technique is it gives a clear view of your top whether you wear a button-down shirt or printed t-shirt.

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

    Do you still remember the times where text messaging is quite expensive where it will cost you P1 to text someone??? What a relief that the telco companies like Globe Prepaid launched the unlimited text then later on added the feature of doing unlimited calls good for one day.We also witness the emergence of smartphones where it breaks the barricade of communations.Of course, the internet-based messaging up also emerged such as Viber, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line where we can connect to your friends and love ones through Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

    I first use Viber because that's what pre-installed in my smartphone.I love it because a lot of my friends used it.I can call and message them for free once I'm connected through wi-fi in our house or thru free wi-fi  in a major malls or establishments.

    I also used the WeChat because it offers not just free calls and text but alot more such as video calls and photo and video sharing to your friends.What I love about this app is instant voice messaging where it's like you're doing a walkie-talkie to your friends so perfect if you're a bit lazy on texting, hahaha. One great innovation to this app is you can chat to a WeChat user nearby.Actually somebody chatted me, FROM MEXICO, how cool was that?!?!?!.

    Other apps that you may enjoy are KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Line because they got this cool and awesome emoticons/animated icons so that you can customized your message.Gone are the days where you send the graphic text composed of different signs when the black-and-white cellphones are the huge thing before.hahaha

    But you can really enjoy these apps if you're connected to a WI-FI connections or through 3G.But what if you're in a place where there's no free WI-FI or if you're in a fix mobile load budget and getting additional charge to turn on you 3G connection is out of your budget? Worry no more because Globe Prepaid just recently launched their new prepaid service to all of us.

    Introducing GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25.For only P25 you can enjoy unlimited texts and calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges by subscribing to UNLICHAT25.Just add P5 and you'll enjoy unlimited call and text to other network and the limitless usage of the mentioned messaging app above by subscribing to GoUNLI30 so you're enjoy communicating to more than 1 billion users around the world.I love how Globe Telecom understands that staying connected is not a luxury, but now a daily necessity.

    • With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.
    • Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888

    All You Ever Did Was Break Me.Yeah You, You Wreck It ( How To Wear Denim Jacket In Different Ways - Part 1 )

    This is a 3-Part article on how to wear a denim jacket.I'm inspired wearing this denin-on-denim outfit after reading the article about G-Star Raw Denim ( although my outfits are not in raw-denim ones, hahaha ) as well as being fascinated to the new ad campaign of Jag Jeans.

    Honestly, I preferred to have a gloomy, windy and rainy ( but just light like rainshower, hehe ) because it gives me an excuse on wearing jacket in public.I sweat a lot like a water fall esp my back.

    I'm so happy that denim jacket are so seasoned right because the retail brands are releasing their collections with denim stuffs ( ripped sleeved denim vest is so in right now ).But this Izzue jacket that I'm wearing, I got it from  Kabunyan Thrift Shop in Cubao for less than 100 pesos ( great find, right??? )

    Thursday, October 10, 2013

    Pond's Age Miracle BB+ Cream Consumer Review

    Got totally surprised that I got 69+ views about my recent review that I made for EB Advance BB Cream s I'm so inspired writing another review.The product that I'm going to feature is Pond's Age Miracle BB+ Cream.Actually I want to try the bb creams available in Watson's before trying the korean-branded ones.I usually buy products that offers more than the other products.This one is cool because aside from the basic benefits of bb cream, this beauty tube has an anti-ageing ingredient called Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex.Guys, just a tip on buying bb cream, some products claim their product that has an anti-wrinkle formula but that means that it'll conceal the fine lines temporarily but doesn't reduce it.Pond's bb cream have that ingredient.I'm 25 years old and I'm using it just t prevent the signs of ageing the fact that work in a stressful worn environment and lifestyle.What I love about this product is the shade is a bit darker compare to the previous bb cream that I used so this is perfect for morena girls.This one only cost 499 pesos which is fine.Pond's also released their whitening version of bb cream called Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream.This one has the same shade w/ the Age Miracle one.The only difference is it has the whitening content and they have a small version of it in an 8 grams tube for 139 pesos.I'll use that one soon.

    Final Verdict: 

    Pond's Age Miracle BB+ Cream is the best bb cream that I used so far because it offers more than the other bb cream in the market because it has an anti-ageing components and the shades is what I want w/c is not too light.I'll give it a 5 out of 5 stars.This is also the only bb cream where I don't to use pore minimizer, blotting paper or powder even a moisturizer.BB cream should be like that.Everything that you need for your face in one tube


    Stay The Night

    Acutally I'm trying to achieve the look of Enchong Dee in the music video of Yeng Constantino's Chinito although I don't wear a vest.

    White Button-Down Shirt - I got it from a thrift shop for 50pesos but it used to be so big.Thank God I discovered alternation shop named Y3 Tailoring located Montreal Street near Nepa Q-Mart alng EDSA. Just ask a tricycle from St.Mary St or Imperial St along Aurora Blvd in Cubao to drop you off to Montreal St. near Q-Mart. Alternation for a long-sleeved shirt will cost you from 80 to 150 pesos  ( if its a general repair ) which is not bad compare n buying from a department store or boutique which will cost you 800 pesos and there's a possibility that you may cross someone wearing the same garment.I don't like that feeling. hahaha

    Boots - I got it from Milanos, an exclusive shoe brand from SM Department store.Thank God that we have this shoe brand because you can get an up-to-date style and collection without breaking your bank.Like this one, I got for 1299 pesos w/c is not bad.It's an alternation options since Im craving for Doc Martens although it's quite out of my budget.

    Shades ( M Sense from SM Department Store ) - Its turquoise flat-top framed sunnies.I reminds me of the recent accessories collection from Louis Vuitton.I got it for only 179 pesos.

    Chino Pants - Bench

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream Review

    This is my first time to post an review of the products that I used personally.I want to expand my audience by creating articles not just about fashion but also about other stuffs that other people might be interested.I'll make sure that I'll an honest reviews ( even the not so good feedback but don't worry I'll do it in a sugar-coated way. )

    For the first item.Last year I just started using BB cream.Its a foundation-moisturizer-sunscreen cream.I was convinced to use because of my fondness to K-Pop artist. hahaha. Like seriously.Korean artist are proud of using it the fact that it's still consider as a cosmetic product here in the Philippines.Korean-branded beauty store like Etude, Face Shop and Tony Moly are the ones who started this trend so some of the western cosmetic company like Maybelline , L'oreal and Revlon also come up w/ their versions.But I dont want to spend that much for a product that I'm about to start.Thank God Ever Bilena, have their version of BB cream called Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream.I got it for 199 pesos.They have 2 variants, one is Whitening and the one that I got is Anti-Wrinkle.In the first few days, I was quite not comfortable wearing it because the shade is quite lighter that my skin tone in my arms.So to fix that, I mix it w/ my favorite moisturizer to tone  down the shade.I got accustomed wearing it.My officemates noticed the korean-effect glow in my skin.I also noticed that my skin got softer ans smoother.That's because this bb cream has Jojoba Oil.My only concern in this product is after a few months, the oil get separated to the cream itself so after the few drops of it, its hard to apply it in my skin.

    So my verdict??? Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream is an affordable bb cream made by the trusted and well-established brand and of course it's a filipino brand which I think we should patronize first before trying other imported brands.My suggestion here for this bb cream is to improve the formulation to avoid separating the jojoba oil to the cream so it'll not affect the effectivity of it and also hoping that they could come up with additional shades like a bit darker that this one.

    There you have it.Hope you like this article.Feel free to leave a comment on this article ( even if its the harsh one.I admit, my English is not that perfect. hahaha )Watch out for my next review...

    My Rest Day Trip To Enchanted Kingdom

    Its my first time to go to Enchanted Kingdom.My co-worker/friends decided to go Enchanted Kingdom.We just commuted from Cubao via Shuttle Van but I suggest to take a bus along Edsa Cubao Bus Terminal Strip (which we should have done but since it's our first time to go there, we'll charge that to the experience.hahaha ).Because the shuttle that we rode took like almost 2 hours to wait for more commuters until its fully loaded which I understand since gas is quite expensive so better maximize it.We drop off to Walter Mart In Sta Rosa then took a less than 5-minute tricycle ride going to EK but you can also walk it.Before we go to the ticketing booth, someone approached us to buy their remaining tickets for only 350 from the regular price of 500pesos because when we came there, there's an elementary field trip happening.What a great deal right.We're so fortunate that time.hahaha.

    Look at me, looks so wasted after riding EKstreme.I thought I can handle that right but when we reached the top part, I was like chickening out because its too high then they surprisingly dropped us.But it feels good after the ride.hahaha

    Realto 3D Movie.It was awesome even if its just a 5 minute short clip from the movie...

    We're in the top or the Ferris Wheel...Feels good on top coz the wind is so relaxing.

    Snow Cone: quick relief after riding Flying Fiesta which I wont ride anymore because it makes me dizzy...hahaha

    Shot for my acct...pls do check out my page

    Flying Fiesta: the ride that I would never ride anymore.

    Me and Pajing in the Parachute, the first ride that we rode.

    Picture-picture before riding to Space Shuttle, the most exteme ride here in EK..
    Realto at Night.