Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Two Toned Shirt

I got the inspiration while browsing some DIY inspiration from Google. I spotted one article on how to achieve a two toned jacket by cutting a sleeve from an old gym jacket and stitch it to a sleeveless denim jacket. Just scroll down to see the shots on how I did it.

What You Need:

1. Two Used Tops
2. Scissors
3. Needle and Thread

1. Grab any used top - whether a short or long sleeve its up to you. I preferred to choose a top with a plain prints but the one with a graphics on front like this is good and the other top is printed. I got this black long sleeved top from the thrift shop in Cubao for 50pesos.

2. Cut the Sleeves -  actually this one came from one of the shirt that I have it altered from long sleeved into a short sleeved one. Thank God my favorite tailor decided to keep this sleeved together with the altered one in my bag. No need to murder any top. hahaha. For the black top, I also cut the sleeve but I leave 1/4 inch portion of it for the stitching. That's the techniqe. hahaha.

3.  Put Those Pins - After cutting the sleeves, secure it with a safety pins so it won't move while you are stitching it. 

4. Do The Running Stitch in Back and Forth Motion - Make sure that the stitch is in equal size. After the first round, do it again in backward mode to achieve the look like it was stitch using a sewing machine.  TIP: try to achieve the stitch as fine as you can although it going to be a tedious work but at least by doing that, the stitch will look like it was done using a sweing machine. I learned this from my home economics project where we have to make our own pajama manually by doing a hand stitch.

5. Do The Finishing Touch - Iron the stitch part. I decided to cut the bottom part of the shirt and leave it undone since that that is the current trend.
There you have it. You can check my lookbook for this garment by clicking this link:

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gray Tank Top #01

2014 is I guess the year of tank top for men. I guess it has to deal with the edm festival scene where you must wear comfortable clothes because you gonna be soak to swear while dancing in the midst of the cool mosh pit. 

Shades and White Leatherette Bracelet - SM Accessories
Watch - Swap Watch by Tomato
Grey Tank Top - Tee Culture by Sm Youth
Skinny Jeans - Arnold Palmer
Sneakers - Pony

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And also, using a tote bag for men is now acceptable compare before where it was associated for women only. Make sure not to put too many stuffs so it wont look too bulky like the usual girls do.

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BB and CC Creams Review ( Pond's Flawless White, Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream, Myra VitaGlow BB Cream )

I'm back...!!!!!.Sorry for not updating my page because I've been so busy for the past months. Anyway, let me feature this three BB and CC creams. I'll make it short, simple and direct to the point since I'm currently in a state where I run out of words to use when writing. hahaha.

Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream.
I already featured the Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream here and its one of the products that I would personally recommend because of the results and the staying power of it without retouching. When I found out that Pond's released the bb cream version of Flawless White in a small tube for 150pesos, I never had a second thought of trying it. This one has the same level of longevity compare to the Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream, only problem here is the shade because its a little too white for my complexion. I guess the remedy there is to put some powder 1 shade darker. In terms of the whitening effect, well I don't feel the effect on it but probably it will manifest the result if you use it for a month or two. Some of my friends used this I noticed the difference. It lightens their complexion without looking too odd. I guess the shade of this didnt match to my skin tone. They already released the this same bottle in a darker shade so probably I'll try that soon.

Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream
CC Creams that was launched by other brands was kind of expensive so when I found out that Avon launched their own version of CC cream in an affordable price of 299pesos ( it was on sale that time) , I never hesitated to try this. Also one of my friends got this one so I tried it  first before ordering it. I noticed that it lightens my skin tone without looking awful , hahaha. I love it honestly. Only concern for this tube is  the staying power. It only last for 4 hours then later then I need to put some loose powder. I got an oily skin type. Well, I would still buy another one of these because I'm satisfied with the results.

Myra VitaGlow BB Cream
I guess this is the most affordable bb cream in the country from the trusted company, Myra. I'm surprised to found out that this one only cost 99pesos. I selected Ivory which is their lighter shades but they also have a darker shade but the saleslady suggested to choose the lighter one since I got an acidic skin type where the bb cream will become darker after few hours. The girls will definitely like this because it has a shimmery effect but guys can still wear this because the shimmery effect is not too apparent. My only concern here is  it gets easily washed out when you sweat. Other bb creams was actually hard to remove by using water. Well, you get what you paid for. But the shimmery effect still in your face so just put some powder.

There you have it. Hope this article will help you decide on buying bb and cc creams. I'll still feature other bb and creams since I believe that these kind cream is a good choice instead of using powder because it contains skin care benefits that you need all packed into one so gone are the days of putting lots of stuffs in your face.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Latchin' On

My first post wearing latest addition to my shoe shelves.Its a leather boots in brown with fox fur details.I got it from the thrift shop 650 pesos in Fashion Delite which is in front or Eurotel and same building with the main branch of National Bookstor.Fashion Delite is a must-visit shop for buying thrifted shoes because they have wide range to choose from in an affordable price. I don't usually buy shoes from the thrift shop because first, can't find a pair that is perfect to my size and second, most of the shoes there are worn out and I don't like that because I believe that the shoes will make or break the overall outfit.I'll be posting  more looks wearing this.You can check out some of them through

Grey Ball Cap - Oxygen Clothing
Black Shorts ( DIY ) - Giordano
Blue Tank Top - DIY
Boots - Thrift Shop ( Fashion Delight )

Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Black Sleeveless Shirt

Spotted this in the thrift shop for only 10 pesos.I grabbed it because the color is not yet faded and it doesn't look like its worn out.I also love the print of it because its doesn't have cracks yet.But since I need a top to wear for #onevibeph, I decided to cut the sleeves and viola, I'm now ready to rave!!!! hahaha...

Featured Blogger : GUSTAVO NUNES

Let's try something new and fresh in my blog.Instead of posting my looks, its about time to feature some upcoming fashion blogger and the next user that will show in the hot page of the leading ootd site.

He's Gustavo Nunes, menswear blogger and a TVC and ramp model in the city of gods and goddess, BRAZIL.Check out some of his looks in and feel free to HYPE IT... you can also follow him on his social media sites ( links located below )
I love the idea of wearing white v-neck shirt inside of that sleek, black blazer.It creates an illusion of looking taller.Also love the idea of opting for a skinny jeans.
I like how he put together the plaid shirt, vest , necktie and the blazer.I also love the background...
This look is perfect for a Sunday family get-together.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Got the that cropped tank top from recent #OneVibePH on June 11, 2014.Its a twin celebration of the Independence Day of the Philippines and Viber, the leading smartphone messaging app in the country, wants to say thank you for having 13 million users of their app in the country.I'll post some of my shots and vids in my blog soon.For now, lets talk about this tank top that I got.I love Viber when they host a rave party because they are giving and throwing free shirts and other free items to the crown while the dj is spinning his/her tracks.It's guaranteed, if one of the major partners of a rave party is Viber, expect to get home free stuffs.

Let's talk about this tank top.I love the idea of wearing a tank top then top it with a blazer.It gives you a sleek and sexy look without looking laid-back.Actually they wont notice that your wearing a tank top.This look is perfect for transitioning from working day shift then going out to party at night.

Blazer and Pants- Thrifted
Tank Top - Viber | Mint
Monkstrap Shoes in Blue - Milanos Shoes
White Weaved Blacelet - SM Accessories
Watch - Swap Watch

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There Will Be Justice

This is my latest diy project where I used a leftover sleeves from the camouflage shirt that I've altered and stitch it to this black shirt that used to be a long sleeved top.I'm inspired by this one article that I spotted while browsing on how to diy a two-toned jacket.I'll post my step-bys-step guide on how did I achieve that.