Monday, July 29, 2013

Printed Socks From Penshoppe | Rayn From The Sky

Im about to purchase the printed socks that I spotted in Forever 21 but when I about to buy I found out that its already sold out.So from Megamall, I went t Sm North The Block n that same store but I also found nothing.Thank God, I visited Penshopped and found that they're having a sale.It was 129 pesos but since they're on sale, I got it for only 90 pesos.What a deal right??? hahaha

Just wait for my post wearing this..

All Out Bleach | Rayn From The Sky

Bleached Denim Vest - I already featured this vest but it was in a galaxy-effect bleached style. I decided to have this in full bleach.Before I bleached it in full, the vest looks like this:

Then I decided t have it bleached all the way.Actually I'm trying t achieve the all white-out bleach but it turned out as a dirty-looking one which I like because it gives more attitude to it.

Here are some of the looks.I used Pixlr Express and Photoscape of editing those pictures...Hope you like it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fall Down - Will.I.Am Feat. Miley Cyrus | Rayn From The Sky

Bomber Jacket w/ Fur Hoodie - I actually wear it in reverse.I find it so cool seeing peeps wearing cap on top of a hoodie...Super swag I must say.Its inspired by the street style look in Tokyo , Taipei and Seoul . 

Song Inspiration:

Fall Down - Will.I.Am feat. Miley Cyrus

- love the track the their live performance in Good Morning America.Too late because it seems like the modulator already deleted that vid.This performance from Jimmy Kimmel Show is cool as well.I just dont like the crowd because instead of jumpin, pumpin to the cool track, they just raise their smartphone and take a shot of it so that they can brag of what they watch.Their performance in GMA is cool because the crown is so wild although its inside of the studio whereas Will.I.Am and Miley were in a roof top somewhere in Manhattan.

Hope you like this.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Cant Stop - Miley Cyrus | Rayn From The Sky

 DIY Denim Vest - I must say that this is inspired to the Lookbook.Nu communtiy as well as some of the DIY tutorials that I watched on Youtube before I did this.

Denim Pants - I ripped the knee part of it to break the boring look of it.I already have it altered because its actually straight cut when I bought it from the thrift store.I only paid 30pesos to make it slim cut.

New York Shirt - I love Culture.Its a brand of shirt that you can find in SM Departments Store Boys Teens Dept.I only got it for 150 pesos.What a deal, right??? hahaha.

This look is inspired by the the music video of Miley Cyrus's We Cant Stop.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Dance The Pain Away | Rayn From The Sky

While Im uploading this post, Im listening to the new track of Benny Benassi w/c is Dance The Pain Away.Im a huge fan of electro dance music especially if their a vocal including because most of the lyrics that they used is actually sad because they talk about heartbreaks but because of the bleepy sounds, instead of making you feel gloomy, you'll be dancing to it.

let's talk about this look.

Wearing a black garment is such a life saver esp. if you want to go formal effortless.If the girls have LBD ( lil black dress ), the guys should have a black long sleeved button down shirt.You can wear it in a formal or casual way.It gives a more serious and dramatic look ( naks, hahah ).And Im not sure if it has to deal to the fabric, but what I love about black shirt is, don't need to iron it because the wrinkles is not noticeable.And for those who worry about their belly, a black long sleeved shirt gives you a slimming effect.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Change Doesn't Mean Failure. It Means Bravery | Rayn From The Sky

Floral Printed button Down Shirt - My latest great find from the thrift shop.I bought it with some stains but thanks to my Mom who where able to get rid of it.Actually it's a bit bigger so I'm planning to have it alter to my favorite alternation shop near our house.

It's my first time to take some pictures sitting in the floor.Its a bit hard because you have to make it quick because the camera start to capture shots. Im using Canon Ixus 115 where it have a self timer mode where it can take up to 15 shots.I guess that's the only brand that has that feature.