Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 10 Most Hyped Looks On for 2012 | Rayn From The Sky

More Free Followers - YouTube Views, Facebook Likes, Google+1, Pinterest Followers It's been a year now huh... So I decided to list down my 10 top most hyped pics on Hope you like it... Top #1.
Personally this is not my personal fave but Im so surprised that lots of my followers love this one...Anyway, I'm still glad that they like it...hehehe Top #2.
I must say this one of my personal fave...Because of the contrast that I put in this shot so it emphasized the rawness of my diy denim vest...Lots of peeps amazed how I reinvented a broken wayfarer as a bowtie...Its actually its on the spot that I decided to wear it like that...I also love my posting here...full of atitude...hahaha Top #3.
People are amazed with this crochet necktie give to me by my friend Ace ( ...They also like my Gray Wingtip Shoe that I got from Oxygen Top #4.
This was done around 5am when I came home...The layering effect was done with no flaws...and I guess lots of peeps loves my shirt... Top #5.
One of my friend Poldo that I look like a mafia here if I'm handling a gun...I love this one so it's one of my personal fave because I look so sleek and classy w/c also my followers commented as well... Top #6.
I just lately noticed that I'm wearing all gray/neaural colors here and I love it...Sometimes I combine anything w/out thinking of any certain style....I also love the layering effects and on how I projected in this shot.... Top #7. ( We have a tie...hahah )
Not my personal fave as well but people love it...One of my first shot when I bought a new canon ixus cam....
I edited this shot using my phone when Im stuck in traffic in EDSA that's why I come up with that title w/c is F*ck THE TRAFFIC IN EDSA.... hahaha Top #8.
I just had a hard time editing this shot because of the shadow.Well the effort was paid off because people like it... Top #9. ( Triple tie??? is that for real??? hahaha )
Alta resources should be greatful that I used their lunchbox in this shot...One of my fave jumpshots...
One of the unexpected looks that enters my top 10 list...I guess peeps love the capture of my flipped cardi...
One of my entries for Solo Online Model Search... I posted lots of pics wearing that shirt I still I didnt made it to the top 10...Anyway, its ok since its my first time to join in a certain competition...Im the top 13 most voted 6 on the male category... Top #10.
a hoodie that was given to us chosen peeps to be part of the elite team on my previous company Stream Global Services...I love my jumpshot there.... There you hope you like this one...I'll be posting the list of my personal fave looks on as well as my fave jumpshot....

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