Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dont You Worry Child | Rayn From The Sky

The weather is quite cold for the past few days so I'm having hard time to update my blogs because right I came to my house I get sleepy...If you noticed my last post, I don't put any description to it because right after I upload it, I shut down my pc then go to my bed...

This was my outfit last saturday's shift.Sorry if I look tired because I take a shot of it right I came to my house...

Did you noticed my necklace??? Its a DIY...hahaha...that was actually my broken rayban...I cant afford to throw that away so I decided to recycle it and put some chains so I can use it as a accesories.

Vest - H and M
Gray Chino Pants - 5CM
Sneakers / Shoes - Pony
Spiked Bracelet - Tomato

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