Friday, August 1, 2014

Featured Blogger : GUSTAVO NUNES

Let's try something new and fresh in my blog.Instead of posting my looks, its about time to feature some upcoming fashion blogger and the next user that will show in the hot page of the leading ootd site.

He's Gustavo Nunes, menswear blogger and a TVC and ramp model in the city of gods and goddess, BRAZIL.Check out some of his looks in and feel free to HYPE IT... you can also follow him on his social media sites ( links located below )
I love the idea of wearing white v-neck shirt inside of that sleek, black blazer.It creates an illusion of looking taller.Also love the idea of opting for a skinny jeans.
I like how he put together the plaid shirt, vest , necktie and the blazer.I also love the background...
This look is perfect for a Sunday family get-together.

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