Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Two Toned Shirt

I got the inspiration while browsing some DIY inspiration from Google. I spotted one article on how to achieve a two toned jacket by cutting a sleeve from an old gym jacket and stitch it to a sleeveless denim jacket. Just scroll down to see the shots on how I did it.

What You Need:

1. Two Used Tops
2. Scissors
3. Needle and Thread

1. Grab any used top - whether a short or long sleeve its up to you. I preferred to choose a top with a plain prints but the one with a graphics on front like this is good and the other top is printed. I got this black long sleeved top from the thrift shop in Cubao for 50pesos.

2. Cut the Sleeves -  actually this one came from one of the shirt that I have it altered from long sleeved into a short sleeved one. Thank God my favorite tailor decided to keep this sleeved together with the altered one in my bag. No need to murder any top. hahaha. For the black top, I also cut the sleeve but I leave 1/4 inch portion of it for the stitching. That's the techniqe. hahaha.

3.  Put Those Pins - After cutting the sleeves, secure it with a safety pins so it won't move while you are stitching it. 

4. Do The Running Stitch in Back and Forth Motion - Make sure that the stitch is in equal size. After the first round, do it again in backward mode to achieve the look like it was stitch using a sewing machine.  TIP: try to achieve the stitch as fine as you can although it going to be a tedious work but at least by doing that, the stitch will look like it was done using a sweing machine. I learned this from my home economics project where we have to make our own pajama manually by doing a hand stitch.

5. Do The Finishing Touch - Iron the stitch part. I decided to cut the bottom part of the shirt and leave it undone since that that is the current trend.
There you have it. You can check my lookbook for this garment by clicking this link:

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