Monday, January 29, 2018

Seoul White Korea Review

If you're fully invaded by the Korean culture, Im pretty certain that you know the meaning of CHOK CHOK. To school the others, it means DEWY which what we admire the KPop Idols and KDrama superstars. And their secret is to pay full attention to their skin care. That's why I got flabergasted to order this new kids in the block skin care brand from Sampleroom named Seoul White Korea that promise a Chok-Chok look. Btw, I got this for FREE so better check the Sampleroom.PH site.

The Whitening Milky Tone Up Cream is now the new KBeauty trend that instantly gives you an instant white effect while it gives you a moisturizing and whitening benefits.

Just want to remind you that setting your face wearing this with a powder may be a problem. I noticed that there are some parts of my face where it rubs off especially in my nose bridge between my eyes because I wear sunglass. So using this alone is sufficient since it reall gives you a semi-dewy look. If you're an oily skin type like me, I would suggest to use an oil-control skin care products like toner ( I would recomment the Gluta-C Acne Control Toner ) or face cream ( I recommend Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier but I would suggest to put it on top of the Tone Up Cream). Applying this with your hands may not be a good idea. I tried to use it and it gives me a patchy, uneven tone so I used a damp makeup sponge for even application. This is actually good as a primer because it really hides my skin imperfection especially my pores.

And the Whitening Soap is by far the less-harsh soap that I tried even if it comes with a Kojic Acid. Thats because by the help of the Donkey Milk plus Arbutin Bearberry and White Strawberry. Actually, I fell in love with its sweet berry scent.

Even if it comes with Kojic Acid, I find it so mild which is great for sensitive skin like me. I actually use it to my face but only before bedtime. If you really want a fast, visible whitening result, I would suggest to use with with your trusted whitening products.

You can still get this awesome products from Seoul White Korea for free by going to Sampleroom.Ph. You can also buy this to your nearest Watson Store. Ig Im not mistaken, the single bar soap is around 30+ but you get more savings if you buy the 2 or 3 bar pack. For the tone up cream, you can get the trial sachet for only 20php.

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