Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Photoshoot using my AgfaPhoto Digicam

Hi's my first photo shoot that  I had when I purchased my Agfa Photo Selecta 14. IM a bit dissapointed because it'snot good for low-light location ad the flash is something that you cat rely on.You really have to edit it in order to make it look good.

I'm wearing a red wayferer that I bought from Star City.The shirt is from Sm Department Store and I only got it for less than 200 pesos.The pants is from Bench and its one of my fave pants because it's not too skinny and not to wide so I use it if I want t go from preppy to casual.Ad lastly, the shoes is from Nike that I bought from Shoe Salon.

Hope you like this one.Before that, at the bottom, pls hype some of the looks that I posted in again.

---Rayn From The Sky

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