Friday, September 21, 2012

Color Blind | Rayn From The Sky

I just a photoshoot last night ( naks, hahah ) because I noticed that I keep posting same outfit althouh in a diffrent posing.Im so sorry for my fans and followers... So here's one of my pics that I did yesterday...

Green Blind Shirt - Im wearing a green shirt given to me by my high school friend before we graduated.Im sure he'll be happy how I take care of his gift.

Oversized Cardigan - Because of of the famous peeps here on lookbook that's why I got an idea on how to carry an oversized cardi in a swaginly approach

Drop-Crouch Pants -  I got that from my fave thrift shop near our house in Cubao... Im a bit skeptical if I'm about to wear it to my work because the bottom part is uber-skinny its like wearing leggings so I take a shot first if it really looks good and I made a right decision to buy this...

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