Thursday, June 13, 2013

Denim Domination | Rayn From The Sky

It was from a ripped-off sleeve denim vest, to chambray/denim button-down shirt to denim shorts, denim garments are so back and trendy.I noticed that the new approach is more grunge-ish because of the ripped off are some of the stuffs spotted in, instagram and pinterest

Love the denim button down...perfect match to the earth-toned short and shoes 

My idol, David Guison, wearing a new approach to a denim jacket because of the leather sleeves... 
Denim on Denim.I love the way he wear the jumper.I also love the denim vest over a simple white shirt

Another great lookbook user , Leon...I love the denim on denim look in different shades.It adds more coolness when he wears the Vans sneakers

Love the shades of this denim biker's jacket..

Tricia Gosingtian, one of the famous blogger here in the Philippines is also wearing denim jacket

A borrowed-boyfriend-loose-jeans is been in the scene for so long...I love the rips in that jeans.. 

Denim Jacket on Printed Shirt - cool combo...

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