Friday, June 14, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up | Rayn From The Sky

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I missed taking pictures in my room w/ my blue curtain.If you checked some of my old post here in LB, I started using blue curtain then edited so it'll look like Im in a studio.Lots of my friends are totally love it and amazed how I did it.Sometimes, we have to try new things so I stop using the blue curtain background and took pictures in a different location.

Cap - Supposedly, I bought it for my Dad because Mom thought me that he would love it but it seems like he doesn't like it.So I started to use it instead..hehe

Denim On Paisley Print Button Down - I just love the idea of matching both garments because the denim jacket has a rough texture where as the paisley button down has a soft feminine prints.I've been noticing this combo in the LB community so I'm inspired to come up w/ this.

Cap - Star City ( you can also find it in some flee markets and tiangge )
Denim Jacket - Izzue
Paisley Button Down Short Sleeves - Thrift Shop
Denim Shorts - Levi's
Socks - Oxygen
Sneakers - Puma

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