Friday, July 12, 2013

Dance The Pain Away | Rayn From The Sky

While Im uploading this post, Im listening to the new track of Benny Benassi w/c is Dance The Pain Away.Im a huge fan of electro dance music especially if their a vocal including because most of the lyrics that they used is actually sad because they talk about heartbreaks but because of the bleepy sounds, instead of making you feel gloomy, you'll be dancing to it.

let's talk about this look.

Wearing a black garment is such a life saver esp. if you want to go formal effortless.If the girls have LBD ( lil black dress ), the guys should have a black long sleeved button down shirt.You can wear it in a formal or casual way.It gives a more serious and dramatic look ( naks, hahah ).And Im not sure if it has to deal to the fabric, but what I love about black shirt is, don't need to iron it because the wrinkles is not noticeable.And for those who worry about their belly, a black long sleeved shirt gives you a slimming effect.

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