Friday, July 19, 2013

Fall Down - Will.I.Am Feat. Miley Cyrus | Rayn From The Sky

Bomber Jacket w/ Fur Hoodie - I actually wear it in reverse.I find it so cool seeing peeps wearing cap on top of a hoodie...Super swag I must say.Its inspired by the street style look in Tokyo , Taipei and Seoul . 

Song Inspiration:

Fall Down - Will.I.Am feat. Miley Cyrus

- love the track the their live performance in Good Morning America.Too late because it seems like the modulator already deleted that vid.This performance from Jimmy Kimmel Show is cool as well.I just dont like the crowd because instead of jumpin, pumpin to the cool track, they just raise their smartphone and take a shot of it so that they can brag of what they watch.Their performance in GMA is cool because the crown is so wild although its inside of the studio whereas Will.I.Am and Miley were in a roof top somewhere in Manhattan.

Hope you like this.

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