Thursday, September 26, 2013

Snow Cone | Rayn From The Sky

My friends always noticed that I often wear button-down shirt even on weekend.Well, I just love wearing it...hahaha...I guess I'm already accustomed on wearing it.I dunno, I just preferred wearing a collared shirt just to hide my slim neck. hahaha .

I just love the idea of matching the crisp collared shirt to a ripped jeans.Its like toning down the the posh image of the shirt then complete the look my wearing sneakers and wayfarer..

Button Down Shirt - United Colors of Benetton
Denim Pants ( diy ) - Izzue
Sneakers - Nike

Snow Cone ( 30pesos) - this is a quick relief after riding those dizzying ride like Flying Fiesta.Shot taken using MyPhone a898 duo.

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