Thursday, November 7, 2013

Evas Vitamin Hand Product Review

The first time that I spotted this product in Watson's, I'm amazed because of the packaging . Looks so expensive in that silver tube as well as the korean-character printed in front of it makes it look so imported from Korea ( actually Evas is a korean-brand, hehehe ). And one thing that grabs my attention is you can buy this in a buy 1 take one.Actually its not on sale ( I guess ) because I'm been buying this every month and they always sell it in a buy 1 take one package for 139pesos but there's one time that they sold this for only 109pesos then it went back to 139pesos.

I honestly love this product I even use it for my whole body.The texture is not that heavy compare to other hand creams.This one comes in different scents: Lemon, Avocado and Winter Cherry flavour but the scent is not that strong which is perfect if you prefer your perfume to stand out.

My Verdict:

Evas Vitamin Hand Lotion is great hand cream that I personally recommend.Actually I've been using this for almost a year now.

Since the description of the product is printed in korean-character so there's a label sticked on top of it with an english-translation of what's inside of this tube.