Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Throwback Looks

Sometimes I run out of looks to post in God I still have lots of pictures that I haven't post it yet.I usually took more than 1 frame for a certain look.So I'm giving this look a second chance to get more hypes....

This is a shot done around January 2013.

Waistcoat and Long Sleeved Button Down - Thrifted
Chino Pants - Bench TM
Sneakers - Pony
Spiked Bracelet - Tomato
Aviator Shade Necklace - DIY

This is a shot done around April 2013.I already posted this look in lookbook but I only got few hypes so I'm giving this look a second look to my fans...hahaha

Black Shirt and pants - Thrifted
Sneakers - Puma
Aztec Printed Scarf - Folded and Hung

This look is one of the most-hype looks for this year...I guess because of the awesome juxtaposition of denim and paisley-floral printed top...I also love this look because its like a geeky-gone-cool-guy look because of the white framed eyewear and the cap..

Denim Jacket (Thrifted) - Izzue
Denim Shorts (Thrifted) - Levi's
Paisley/Floral Printed Top (Thrifted)
Socks - Oxygen
Sneakers - Puma

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