Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chips Delight Chocoloate Chip Brittle Brownies

OMG, Its Weekend. Hands Up For The Weekend....

That upbeat track playing from my little brother's speaker wake me up in the morning. Wow, the long wait is over after a week of hard-work from your workplace, its weekend.

So my weekly day-off routine to drink hot coffee in the morning without being in a hurry to prepare going to work. Wait, I just found out that I got a bag of this sumptious treat from Chips Delight from the recent Blogapalooza 2015 held at One Esplanade on October 25. Wow, this bag of chocolate chips is so perfect to my hot, steamy coffee.

Chips Delight Chocoloate Chip Brittle Brownies is more crispier from the usual chocolate cookies. Actually, its like eating a toasted mamon ( Sponge Cake ) but the only difference is its thinner from the usual cookies and chocolate flavored with some little chocolate chips inside.

The first bite of it is so crunchy like whoa. Then when I took a sip of my favorite coffee, its so yummy because the chocolate chips melted in your mouth. I actually tried to dip it in my coffee just the usual way of eating pandesal and it taste so good, too.

One thing that I love about Chips Delight is the bag has a resealable zip-lock to maintain the freshness and crispiness to enjoy on the next day.

I thought coffee is enough to enjoy weekend restday morning but now its even more enjoyable because of the Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownies. So guys, you know what to do, go to the cookie section of your nearby supermarket and grab one or even more bags of my new favorite.

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