Sunday, November 1, 2015

VParty Series Presents : Midnight Mysteries

Alot of my friends love to watch scary and/or suspense-themed movies. There are some that they're so into this type of movie genre to the point that they can sleep peacefully after watching it at midnight. Their level of being scared are at the top notch. So I'm pretty sure that Breakout Philippines can satisfy their needed scare intake.

Victoria Court collaborated with Breakout Philippines for the latest installment of VParty Series called Midnight Misteries which will happen on November 7 at Victoria Court Malate.

Its an interactive horror experience that you can enjoy with your friend ( maximum of 6 persons ) by being trap in a room for 45 minutes where you have to solve the puzzle by getting the clues in order to get out.

But its not as simple as that because you need to survive from the scare actors who has the clue to solve the puzzle. They promised that there's a part where they have to separate you from your friends so you'll end up being alone in the room. That's pretty scary, I admit.

Getting excited right now? Well you better book a slot now by going to this link ( ).

Follow @victoriacourtvc @breakoutph for inquiries.

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