Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pastry Puff From Uncle Tetsu Review

Every time I crossed the Building B of SM Megamall Building B coming from MRT Ortigas Station, I've been passing by this store in the entrance of SM Supermarket named Uncle Tetsu.

I know that one of their best selling item is the Cheesecake. The one with soft, fluffy buns with tasteful cheese on top. I actually just tried their free taste of it.

But one of the products that catches my attention is Pastry Puff. The reason for that is the price, for only 49php.

The friendly staff offered me their free taste of this. Take note, the size of the free taste that they are giving is generous enough to enjoy it. It seems like they cut the whole Pastry Puff into 4 parts in square shape.

Pastry Puff comes in 3 flavors : Mango , Chocolate and Custart. But the free taste that they only have is Mango and Chocolate so seems like Custart is one of the favorite flavors.

The Chocolate one taste so good. Its perfect to match with a hot coffee or chocolate drink.

But that time, I've decided to bought 2 pieces of Mango. I guess I love the sweet and refreshing taste of Mango.

The Mango jam inside is so generous. Its flowing but not too much.

I'm fully satisfied on this great discovery that I found in SM Megamall. I'll definitely buy another one but one is Mango and another one is the Custard.

Uncle Tetsu is available at Building B of SM Megmall ( near the entrance of SM Supermarket )

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