Wednesday, December 30, 2015

McGriddles by McDonald's is now available in the Philippines

While walking my way to home from my nightshift work, I passed by this McDonald's El Pueblo branch and I noticed a new poster offering a limited holiday edition: McGriddles.

I got tempted and intrigued on the description of it where it says that the bun has a generous amount of maple syrup, baked to perfection. Okay, you won Mcdo so I decided to try it before its gone since its only available for limited time.

So I decided to buy the McGriddles w/ Egg, Cheese and Sausage, opted for Pineapple juice instead of coffee.

When I unwrapped the sandwich, I wowed because its a hefty sandwich that will definitely satisfy the ones with huge appetite. This is actually perfect for the ones who always skip breakfast because they gonna be late to their work.

I must say that the sweetness coming from the buns is perfectly match to the saltiness given by the cheese and sausage. I forgot to take a picture of the maple syrup looks likena filling inside the bun because I'm so hungry that time. Hihihi.

Again, this is a limited time offer just like Twister Frieda and McRib so better drop by to your nearest Mcdonald's branch.

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