Monday, June 13, 2016

Battle of Dark Chocolates

I'm really not a big fan of sweet milk chocolates because it makes me thirsty and gives me toothache. But thank GOD that Dark Chocolates were invented. They said that Dark Chocolate are more healthier because its less sugar. Also, I noticed an apparent number of new dark chocolates realeased in the market from well-known brands. So I decided to explore different versions of this sweets from 4 brands that I tried.

First, I tried the local brand, GOYA released their dark chocolate varient named GOYA DARK CHUNKIES.

It comes in this type of bar that can easily break into bite-sized.

And every block has these nuts which I love in a chocolate.

Next, I tried Kitkat's version of dark chocolate.

Comparing this to Goya, this is less sweeter so its almost bitter but in a good way because its suppose to be like that. Of course, since its Kitkat, its a dark chocolate-coated waffer.

If you want just a pure dark chocolate without anything in it, them you must try this well-known chocolate brand from Japan, Mejie Black Chocolate.

Almost the same level of bitterness compare to Kitkat Dark Chocolate but there's a unique taste not just this bar dark chocolate but almost all of the chocolates in Japan: just the right amount of sweetness.

And lastly, going back to our locar chocolate brand, GOYA TAKE IT DARK CHOCOLATE.

Its like an affordable version of KitKat Dark-Chocolate-coated waffer, but just like the Goya Chunkies Dark Chocolate, its sweeter that the imported brand.

There you have it, I hope this article makes you to try new breed of chocolate.

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