Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mr. KimBob Food Review

While roaming to thr selection of food stores at the SM Food Court at SM Megamall, I noticed that lots of people are carrying tray with a sizzling plate that has a paper cover that has a named printed on it that says Mr. KimBob.

Mr. Kimbob is a food store that offers a variety of famous korean dishes and one of them is Bibimbap.

Bibimbap is an healthy korean dish where a rice is mixed to meat ang assorted veggies.

Mr. Kimbop's version of bibimbap contains Rice, Ground Pork, Carrots, Monggo Sprouts with Kimchi on the sides and a sunny sideup egg on top. Hot sauce will be given to you if if you want your Bibimbap to be spicy.

For only 99php, this is very worthy because it will satisfy to make your tummy full and its healthy. Mr. Kimbob is one of the interesting food store to find at the SM Food Court.

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