Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Rest Day Trip To Enchanted Kingdom

Its my first time to go to Enchanted Kingdom.My co-worker/friends decided to go Enchanted Kingdom.We just commuted from Cubao via Shuttle Van but I suggest to take a bus along Edsa Cubao Bus Terminal Strip (which we should have done but since it's our first time to go there, we'll charge that to the experience.hahaha ).Because the shuttle that we rode took like almost 2 hours to wait for more commuters until its fully loaded which I understand since gas is quite expensive so better maximize it.We drop off to Walter Mart In Sta Rosa then took a less than 5-minute tricycle ride going to EK but you can also walk it.Before we go to the ticketing booth, someone approached us to buy their remaining tickets for only 350 from the regular price of 500pesos because when we came there, there's an elementary field trip happening.What a great deal right.We're so fortunate that time.hahaha.

Look at me, looks so wasted after riding EKstreme.I thought I can handle that right but when we reached the top part, I was like chickening out because its too high then they surprisingly dropped us.But it feels good after the ride.hahaha

Realto 3D Movie.It was awesome even if its just a 5 minute short clip from the movie...

We're in the top or the Ferris Wheel...Feels good on top coz the wind is so relaxing.

Snow Cone: quick relief after riding Flying Fiesta which I wont ride anymore because it makes me dizzy...hahaha

Shot for my acct...pls do check out my page

Flying Fiesta: the ride that I would never ride anymore.

Me and Pajing in the Parachute, the first ride that we rode.

Picture-picture before riding to Space Shuttle, the most exteme ride here in EK..
Realto at Night.

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