Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream Review

This is my first time to post an review of the products that I used personally.I want to expand my audience by creating articles not just about fashion but also about other stuffs that other people might be interested.I'll make sure that I'll an honest reviews ( even the not so good feedback but don't worry I'll do it in a sugar-coated way. )

For the first item.Last year I just started using BB cream.Its a foundation-moisturizer-sunscreen cream.I was convinced to use because of my fondness to K-Pop artist. hahaha. Like seriously.Korean artist are proud of using it the fact that it's still consider as a cosmetic product here in the Philippines.Korean-branded beauty store like Etude, Face Shop and Tony Moly are the ones who started this trend so some of the western cosmetic company like Maybelline , L'oreal and Revlon also come up w/ their versions.But I dont want to spend that much for a product that I'm about to start.Thank God Ever Bilena, have their version of BB cream called Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream.I got it for 199 pesos.They have 2 variants, one is Whitening and the one that I got is Anti-Wrinkle.In the first few days, I was quite not comfortable wearing it because the shade is quite lighter that my skin tone in my arms.So to fix that, I mix it w/ my favorite moisturizer to tone  down the shade.I got accustomed wearing it.My officemates noticed the korean-effect glow in my skin.I also noticed that my skin got softer ans smoother.That's because this bb cream has Jojoba Oil.My only concern in this product is after a few months, the oil get separated to the cream itself so after the few drops of it, its hard to apply it in my skin.

So my verdict??? Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream is an affordable bb cream made by the trusted and well-established brand and of course it's a filipino brand which I think we should patronize first before trying other imported brands.My suggestion here for this bb cream is to improve the formulation to avoid separating the jojoba oil to the cream so it'll not affect the effectivity of it and also hoping that they could come up with additional shades like a bit darker that this one.

There you have it.Hope you like this article.Feel free to leave a comment on this article ( even if its the harsh one.I admit, my English is not that perfect. hahaha )Watch out for my next review...

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