Thursday, October 24, 2013

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath Consumer Review

Before, it's so hard for me to find a both wash that won't strip down the moisture level of my skin since I got a extremely dry skin condition ( unfortunate for me, huhuhu ). I bought the bottle of  Johnson's Baby Milk Bath just for my face since I my friend recommended to use a baby products to our skin after bedtime since our skin already washed before we got to bed to get rid of dirt that may cause pimples which I'm totally scared.After few days, I noticed the smoothness as a effect of using this so I decided to use not just after bedtime but also BEFORE BEDTIME.Then later on, I decided to use it as a body wash.The usual conundrum that I encounter using moisturizing body wash or soap is exfoliating content so I tend to use whitening soap even if it strips down the moisture level of my skin.But after using this together w/ another product ( which I'll feature it SOON ).This product has a a natural milk protein, and vitamins A & E.It also has a NO MORE TEARS formula.Its also affordable and easy to find because its available in your nearest supermarkets.You can buy it in 200ml and 100ml but to save more money, I'll suggest to buy the refill packs if you have some empty bottles and canister.For example, the 200ml bottled one costs you 70-80pesos but if you buy the refill pack, it'll only cost you 59pesos.Great savings right??? I want to try their new one because it not just have milk protein but it also has some rice content.I'll buy that and have it feature here SOON.

Final Verdict:

 Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is so gentle to your skin so you can use it not just as a body wash but also as a facial wash.

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