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My Boracay Trip November 2013

My trip to Boracay last November 18 to 20 is memorable for me because I've experience a lot of First .This is actually my first time to travel ALONE, hahaha.My plans to go on vacation always got cancelled due to my friends who will suddenly back out for some reasons so I decided to go out of town alone because I'm sure to myself that I'm not gonna back out. hahaha.

I booked the 6:50am flight from Manila to Kalibo but unfortunately I came late ( I arrived at 6:30am ) and the officers didn't allow me to come in because they're really strict on the rules on coming in 45 minutes before the departure date.So I have no choice but to book the next flight for 2,700+pesos.You know what I'm still fortunate to get that rate because the usual regular rate is around 6+k.The staff also noticed that I'm carrying a tripod so they charged me metal baggage fee of 300pesos like what???... Lesson learned.Next time that I'm gonna carry my tripod I'll make sure that I'll hide it to my luggage .hahaha.So I booked the 9:45am departure flight.Too bad the departure flight time that I selected was so traffic ( air traffic ) as in we left Manila around 11am. Hay


- Hide your tripod , umbrella or any metal stuff to your luggage so you won't get charge for metal check in fee of 300pesos
- Choose the early flight ( around 5 - 7am departure flight time ) to avoid air traffic

Around 12noon I'd arrived at the Kalibo International Airport.I noticed that they were some aftermaths left by the recent Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan but not that drastic compare to what happened to Leyte, Capiz and some provinces.I took the 2 hour shuttle ride going to Caticlan Jetty Port.I paid 250 for the shuttle ride plus the cool boat transfer to Boracay Island.Once you arrived at the Caticlan Jetty Port, you have to pay 175pesos for the Terminal and Environmental Fee.


- Shuttle Ride ( from Kalibo Airport - Caticlan / Caticlan - Kalibo ) : 175pesos and above / one way
- Terminal Fee : 100pesos / way
- Environment Fee : 75pesos
- Boat Transfer - 25pesos ( from 6am to 6pm ) / 30pesos ( 6pm - 10pm )

Upon entering the Caticlan Jetty Port, you'll be welcomed senior citizens playing the festive music.

First time to ride in this jetty boat.I usually take a wood-made boat going to Boracay Island.But actually it's more affordable to take the usual wood-made boat because it'l only cost you 25-30pesos.Riding in this boat is inclusive on the 250pesos fee that I paid for the shuttle ride courtesy of Kiata.Actually when you arrive in the Kalibo Airport there's a line of companies offering the shuttle-boat-hotel transfer services so it's up to you which to service and package do you want.

So after you drop off to the ferry boat, just walk few more steps heading to the tricycle terminal where it'll cost you 100pesos but this is renting the whole tricycle but if your alone it's either pay the whole 100pesos or just hitch with other passenger going on the same way going to D'Mall and just pay 20pesos.It's a 10-15min ride going to the busy part of the island.

After I dropped off in front of the D' Mall entrance in the main road, I walked towards the beach where the entrance to the inn that I'm going to stay is in the beach front.I saw the crystal-clear beach that I missed for more than 2 years inviting me to plunge in.hahaha.First I  have to leave my baggage to the inn and go to the D' Mall and went straight to Mang Inasal to take my late lunch before I enjoy the beach.Btw, I arrived to the inn around 3pm.

After taking my late lunch, I went straight here at Loco Frio. They got this cool selection of quenchers while walking to the shores...They also got this cool tumbler where your drinks can keep the coolness for up to 1hour.This is also inflatable so you can soak and float in the beach while sipping with this.You also have options to add alcohol shots in your drink.

I selected Mojito with Tanduay shot...

 So I stayed in the beach until 5:30pm then went back to my inn to change clothes went out to buy some quick dinner food.While walking, I spotted this group playing reggae music.They're having a 'Music For The Cause ' performance for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda by purchasing their albums.

Thank God there's a Mcdonald's in Boracay near Hotel Regency.So no need to wait to serve the food to serve. I also spotted some new stores and hotels here and there are some that it's under construction.

I want to feature Tans Guesthouse where I stayed for more than a day.Tried to googled the review of this inn and most of them are positive.I got a deal from them for only 1000pesos overnight from ( 2pm check in - 12nn check out ). You just have to pay additional 100pesos per hour for extending your stay but try to use your power of haggling because I got a deal to pay 500 so I can stay up to 7pm.

They got this cool LCD TV

The room I got is good for 2.BTW, I got the room from their newly opened annex building so the facilities are all new.

I'm surprised that the room that I got comes with a water heater so since the room also includes coffee cup so I just have to buy 3-in-1 coffee mix.

Tans Guesthouse is associated to Studio 822 Salon and Spa so you can have a relaxing spa treatment in your room.

It also includes a mini ref although I didn't use it because I don't need it.hehehe

This is the pathway going to Tans Guesthouse.Actually in this alley you'll also spot some budget-friendly inns which is less than 2minute walk going to the beach .Tans Guesthouse is nearest inn that I stayed to the busy part of Boracay by far.The pathway is right beside Club Manila East.

After taking my breakfast, I went to the shores to take some OOTD shots for my account.I want to break this preconceived notion that we can't wear denim in the beach.Yes you can except for swimming in the beach.You might get drown while swimming because the the denim shorts will absorb the water...hahaha.You ca wear denim for roaming around the town or if you gonna have some activities.I already scheduled for an ATV ride going up to the highest peak of the island to see the overlooking view of the Boracay Island in 360degrees.

Gingham Button Down Shirt - H & M
White Leather Woven Bracelet and Shades - M Sense ( SM Department Store )
Ripped Denim Shorts ( DIY ) - Levi's
Small Sling Bag - Salvatorre Mann ( SM Department Store )

So the tourist guide fetched me from the D' Mall and ride in a shuttle van going to Dreamland.It's a korean-owned amusement park few minutes away from the white beach.This was actually featured in KirsTV where Kris Aquino and the gang went there but still under construction. But now it's now in full operation.

So I reserved the slot for ATV ride for 750pesos.It's suppose to be 1000pesos but I tried to haggle it so I got the 750peso fee.Much better to have a companion because it'll cost you 500pesos each.So before riding the ATV, there's a quick briefing to give you headsup.The package that I got comes w/ a visit to the 3D Museum and a ride to the Sky Cycle for FREE.

 Too bad the tourist guide forgot to take a video shot of me riding the ATV.huhuhu...I'm gonna come back next time.

After the 10-minute ATV ride, I've reached the highest peak of the island and Peroro will welcome you to this 50-step to the top peak.

So after the ATV ride, we went straight here at the 3D Museum and since I'm the first one who came here, so I took some shots of me w/ the help of my tripod.hahaha

After the museum, we went straight to the Sky Cycle which is included to the ATV Ride package that I paid.But if you gonna go to DreamLand, it'll only cost you 99pesos.Arggghhh...For some reason the video that was taken by my tourist guide was corrupted.hay.That's fine, I'll go back there anytime.

So from DreamLand, I went back to the shores and plunged to the crystal-cleared water around 12nn.This is the best time to view the blue-shaded sea.

While strolling along the white beach thinking of watch should I eat for lunch, I spotted this Master Siomai and I'm so surprised with the price.Its 40pesos for the 4-piece siomai order and 20pesos for the gulaman.hahaha...I must say, we're so fortunate Manila peeps to enjoy this for only 25pesos per order.hahaha

So I decided to take my lunch in Andok's and ordered Pork Sinigang.My close friends knows the history of this.It's my first time in Boracay around 2008 and for some reason I got sick so my friends ordered me this Sinigang to make me feel better and it works.I dunno but everytime I went back here, my trip wont be complete without ordering this.I guess it's already part of my rituals.hahaha

Your boracay trip is incomplete if you don't try Jonas Fruit Shake.I bought Mango Banana Shake for 100+pesos ( sorry, I forgot the exact price, hehehe.)It has this interesting taste.Imagine a mango shake with a creamy texture.You'll still taste the banana flavor but it was over-powered by the mango. #MustTry

This is my last glance to the sun here in Boracay....

I checked out around 7pm.The island was also affected by the recent storm Yolanda because of the rotating brownout but before 7pm, generator owned by the inn is already powered on.

While heading to Andok's for dinner, I spotted this selection of key chains for souvenir.

Around 9pm, I left Boracay Island.For me, leaving at night is much better because you won't get tempt to swim to the crystal-clear water and it's cold you can sleep while riding in a van heading to Kalibo Airport.

I arrived around 11pm in the airport and noticed a long line of foreigners mostly asians ( koreans, chinese , japanese ).My plan is to sleep inside the departure area but the guards didn't allow me to enter because my departure time is around 6am.So have no choice but to sleep outside the airport in a cold stainless-steel bench.I feel like a poor guy during that time.huhuhu.But it was safe because nothing happened to me.So I woke up around 3pm and went to the small store in front of the airport to take some coffee.Too bad I should have bought some pasalubong especially the butterscotch.I just bought 3 different flavors of Piyaya: Original, Ube and Mango which is my first time to try.


- Before leaving Boracay Island, make sure you have enough money in your wallet ( I guess 3k is enough ).Remember, provinces have limited numbers of ATMs.
- If you have an early flight and you don't want to sleep outside the airport ( like what I did, hahaha ), there's a new airport hotel in front of the airport where you can check in for only 1200pesos for 6 hours, good for 2 pax.

Found out that the Kalibo Airport is not operating 24/7 because when I woke up around 2 or 3am, its close until 4am.So went to the counter and paid for the terminal fee which I'm surprised because they increased it from 40pesos to 100pesos.

Few minutes before our departure, and we experienced brownout.hahaha

Even if I experienced lots of hassles in this travel, I don't get that in a negative way.I always say to just charge it to the experience.I totally enjoyed this solo-flight vacation and I will definitely do it again.

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