Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blogopolis 2013 : Into The Wild - Things To Remember To Become a Successful Blogger or Internet Superstar

Blogopolis 2013: Into The Wild is an annual convention held in the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati, of the biggest blogger and internet influencers where they will give their tips and experiences to the aspiring bloggers and future-web-superstar on how to become successful in the blogging industry by using social media.I got the pass from the staff of Nuffnang Philippines because I joined to their contest.The event started at 12nn but we came there around 2 or 3pm which is a huge mistake because we missed out the freebies, huhuhu.That's the advantage of coming to the event early.

Before we went to the conference hall, Therese, my friends and I had to complete the stub by going to the participating boots in order to get qualify for the raffle draw.

Paktor, its an mobile dating app for smartphone, is one of the participating boots.Its cool because we just have to download their app and we got a free tarrot reading.

We took some shots in this elegant hotel so that we can post in Instagram.There's one booth that I love which is PrintSocial , where you just have to post a pic which the certain hashtag and they'll print it to you right away.

After completing the stub, we went inside the conference room and spotted Jim Paredes giving a talk to the audience.He's one of the biggest influencers in Twitter and Facebook.

TIPSY & PONGGO, the creators of Googly Gooeys also gave us a talk which is also educating.Now I know that Media Kit/ Press Kit is the kit given to you from a client that you can use to come up with an article about their products.This is something that you cant post and say THANK YOU FOR THE PRESS KIT which is inappropriate.hehehe

I also spotted the well-known bloggers David Guison and Divine Lee in the event.Didn't take a shot of them because I was star-strucked.hahahah

Here are some of the things that I've learned from the conference:

- Social Media is such an effective tool to market your blog since everybody has Facebook, Twitter , etc.
- You have to stick to a certain brand and be consistent about it.For example, if you're blogging about fashion, make sure that you only blog about FASHION, PERIOD.
-  Create a FAN PAGE for your blog. You have to separate your personal account to your brand since your creating a certain brand.For example, if your blogging about food, don't post your personal status about politics, fashion or anything not related about food or the niche that your blogging about.

Hope you like this.

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