Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 Most Hyped Look for 2013 from

Time run so fast and its so fun to look back to some of the looks that I posted in esp to the ones that got lots of hypes.I must admit, I've improved in terms of the pictures that I posted compare to the ones posted in 2012.I enlisted my TOP 10 MOST HYPED LOOKS FOR 2014 FROM LOOKBOOK.NU/RAYNFROMTHESKY and all of them got more than 100 hypes.Here's the list and hope you'll enjoy it.

10. If Our Love Is Insanity, Why Are You My Clarity

Number of Hypes : 103

Shot done the day after I went to CloseUp's Summer Solstice, its a EDM music festival featuring Afrojack.Too bad that the spiked leatherette strap was gone.huhuhu

9.Are You Gonna Stay Tonight

Number of Hypes : 104

Inspired by Enchong's outfit in his cameo appearance to Yeng Constantino's MTV Chinito.The only difference is I don't wear a dressy vest.I guess, without wearing that, this look is well put together...

8. It Takes Time To Get Result

Number of Hypes : 108

Both top and pants are from the thrift shops and have it altered.The top one was generally altered because it used to be a long sleeved, loose top.Im such an advocate of shopping and looking stylish w/out breaking your bank.

7. Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

Number of Hypes : 109

Top was snagged from the thrift shop as well as the pants but the ripped details are diy-ed.I just read in a certain interview that statement shirt will go out of style but I beg to disagree.Statement shirts are here to stay...

6. A Touch Of 90's Vibe

Number of Hypes: 110

Shot done after my graveyard shift in my officemate's condo in Ortigas.This look is included to my 3-part article on how to wear denim jacket in different ways.

5. We'll Run Where Lights Won;t Chase Us

Number of Hypes: 110

The reason why I put this look to the 5th spot instead of the look above is because this one got less views so that means that most of the viewers of this look hyped it whereas the look above just got more views but they didn't hyped it.And also this one got 2 hearts whereas the other one got nothing.Actually this is one of the looks that I didn't expect to received lots of hypes because this one was shot using my 5MP smartphone camera.

4. You're Giving Me Such Sweet Nothing

Number Of Hypes: 113

Another unexpected looks that got lots of hypes.The vest that I'm wearing is diy-ed.I just tried if I could achieve the galaxy-effect by using chlorine.There's one lookbooker sent me message asking how to do this.

3. The Only Voice That Matters Is Your Own

Number Of Hypes: 115

One of the comments on lookbook regarding this look is , ' The shoes give it a totally cool twist though! It's all about putting your spin on it!' . One this that I've learned about fashion is you really don't have to adhere to what's trending.Fashion is self-expression.You have to put some in your outfit that is unique that will standout to the crown of mediocre.

2. Infallible --- adj. Flawless

Number Of Hypes: 130

I personally love everything in this shot from the overall outfit and the lighting but I didn't expect that its going to be my top 2 looks for 2013.

Before we go to the Top 1 look for 2013, let me refresh you what is my Top 1 look for 2012.

Top 1 Look for 2012 from

Number of Hypes: 124

I dunno why this look was my top 1.Just to give you an idea that this shot was done the minute that I wake up.During that time, the camera that I used for this was bought a day after this.Too excited, right??? hahaha

1. Your Argument is Invalid

Number of Hypes : 132

I'm happy that this is my Most Hyped Look for 2013 because I personally like it.My new Nike sneakers was still brand new and clean.Love the idea of layering in this look.Actually I'm so proud of this look because first, it was taken using my 5-megapixel MyPhone smartphone.It's a great manifestation that we don't have to have a high-end dslr to post great look.And another thing, this is the only look where Bobby Raffin, one of the established user in lookbook, left a comment saying, ' awesome outfit!!!! you look great man! +1'.. So flattered, man.

There you have it.Hope you like this.I'll promise that I'll do my best to post cool and attention-snagging look here in

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