Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celeteque Multi-Benefit BB Cream Personal Review

This is part of my search for the best BB cream in the market which is under the 500-peso range.I've been trusting Celeteque as a reliable skin care product.Totally love their water-based moisturizer and alcohol-free toner.When I spotted their commercial on TV about the re-launching of their brand into Celeteque Dermo Science, I got excited to try their new line of products. CELETEQUE is owned by Unilab.The company decided to merge their medical expertise and dermatological advances to develop clinically-tested products.

Apart from the re-launching of their skin care line, they also expand their skin care products to choose from that target the six signs of skin concerns: Brightening , Hydration , Sun Care , Acne Solution , Advanced Anti-Aging, Restoration , and Maternity. And I'm also surprised that they now have formulated their BB Cream which is CELETEQUE MULTI-BENEFIT BB CREAM.

Let's get to directly to the most important part which is giving you the pros and cons on this products which is based on my personal experience.Just to inform you that I got a combination typed skin.


1.It really brightens my skin complexion and lighten my dark spots cause by pimples.That's because of BioWhite that has a high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid ( AHA ).My office-mates noticed that my skin got lighter

2.It minimize the appearance of my pores because of BIOBENEFITY ingredient and Laricyl

3.It absorbs excess oil in my face so no need for blotting.Thanks to Silica.Actually this is a BB cream in the market that doesn't give you a dewy-effect just like the other korean-branded bb cream offers so this is actually perfect for those who prefers the matte-finish effect.


1. Like other conundrums that we found in a bb cream, IT ONLY HAS ONE SHADE AND ITS TOO LIGHT.Not suitable for those who have darker skin.What I usually do is mix it to my favorite moisturizer or liquid foundation to tone down the shade.I don't feel that the effectivity was compromise because you're just using the moisturizer/foundation as an extender.Besides the small pea-sized of this bb cream is enough to cover the whole face.For those who wear makeup, this product is good as a make-up base.

CELETEQUE MULTI-BENEFIT BB CREAM is almost a perfect bb cream that we're looking for because its moisturizer , sunblock , spot remover , foundation , pore minimizer , fine lines and wrinkle eraser in one tube. This is a great contender for Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream if Celeteque could come up w/ a darker shade like beige.

CELETEQUE MULTI-BENEFIT BB CREAM is available in Watson's, SM Department Store Beauty Sections

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