Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ain't It Fun?!?!?!?!?!

Happy Easter Sunday...!!!!

Last year, denim vest with hoodie was a huge trend but I'm a bit hesitant to spend like 1,000+K for just a piece of garment.Thank God, the current trend for denim vest very laidback as in you just have to grab your old denim jacket and just simply cut the sleeve and viola, you got a cool denim vest.Actually its ore cooler if there's some run to it make it look undone.For the hoodie, I just bought an sweater with a hoodie from the nearest thrift shop.I forgt how much exactly I spent for it but for sure, I only spent less than 50pesos.I just simply cut the hood and do a simply running stitch back and forth.And there you go, I now have a very trendy denim vest with hoodie.Next time I'll try to take a picture on how to do it soon.

Denim Vest W/ Hoodie - DIY,
Blue Shirt - From My Mom,
Skinny Jeans - Bench ,
Sneakers - Pony Shoes, 

I want you to meet my stylish friend, Karen.She's the one you took some of my picture and I's surprised that she got some cool vision of a photographer.Although I' feel so envy because when I posted this in my facebook, she got almost 100 likes whereas mine only got like 10 likes.Aaaarrrggghhhh.!!!!!Anyway, I'll definitely miss her so much since she already resigned from our work...

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