Thursday, April 10, 2014

Camouflage Shirt X Studded Denim Vest X Orange Hair

Camouflage Shirt - Another stuff that I spotted in the thrift shop.Can't remember the exact price but definitely it's below 50pesos.Well, originally the size of it is too big for me so I went to my friendly taylor in Y-3 Tailoring Shop to have it alter to my favorite, perfectly fitted shirt that I have.I'll wear that just the shirt without any layering style.

I totally love Ortigas every sunday because the street is close to the motorist to give way to the Green Day.Every sunday, there's a lot of activities like fun run, zumba, biking, flee markets and more.

Camouflage Shirt and Studded Denim Vest ( DIY ) - both from the thrift shop
Skinny Jeans - Folded and Hung
Sneakers - Nike
Turtoise Watch - Timex

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