Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pedestrian Lane

Finally, I already achieved a shot of walking in a pedestrian lane.Thanks to my friend, Karen for taking this shot.I only used a Canon Ixus Digicam and have it edited using Photoscape and Pixlr.

This look is another example of matching a two-toned shirt to a denim vest.

I tried to drink sterilized milk after my graveyard shift to gain more energy instead of drinking coffee or any energy drink

Studded Denim Vest ( DIY ) - Thrifted
Raglan Shirt - Thrifted
Chino Pants - Giordano
White Sneakers - Pony Shoes
Bag - TechnoCase ( SM Store )
Tortoise Watch - Timex Watch
Leatherette Bracelet - SM Accessories

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