Thursday, May 22, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

I guess all of us have their own BFF ( Best-Friend-Forever) unless you're such a LONER...hahaha...Just kidding.But others don't know how to keep their friends so I come up with my own list on how you can be a BEST FRIEND EVER...

1. Learn How To Respect Yourself.
- If you don't do this then you can't respect others, right???

2. Don't Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable

3. Don't be afraid to point out his/her faults but in a nice way.
- We don't want to look like their parents or teachers.Remember, we're their best friend s say it in a nice way or probably say like throwing a joke.

4. Be Yourself
- Its tiring to be someone that is totally not us, right???. And other's don't like pretentious peeps so avoid it.

5.Don't Hold Things Up
- Talk about it if you have hard feelings towards your BFF.

6.Trust Is a Must
- Show to your BFF that you can trust them even their darkest secret that you'll definitely keep it to your grave. :)))

7. Don't Talk Trash Against Your BFF

8. Be Loyal
- Stick up for your friend when they need it.Show that you're the most reliable one to be with.

9.Never Leave The Problem Alone
- Fix it as soon as possible and don't let it last overnight.By doing this, it wont pop-up again later.

10.Respect Their Time To Be Themselves
- It's not healthy that you always there for them.There are times that they need to be independent

11.Spend Time Together
-Make an effort to do some catch-up moments at least once a week.

12.Share Laughs
- True friends can laugh even at the dumpiest , smallest and even the weirdest stuff.What matters is you laugh with them.Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

13.Learn To Listen.
- Don't be a chatterbox.Try to develop a good listening skills.By doing this, it'll earn you respect and will come to you more ask for your advice.

14. Show That You're Always There To Listen.
- There are times that you don't know how to help them to their struggles showing that you're the shoulder to cry own enough to comfort them.

15. Respect The Privacy.
Yeah, you are his/her BFF but there are some things that they're not comfortable to share to anybody.Give them time or just don't just bug them at all.Probably in the future they'll share it to you.

16. Get To Know Their Family.
- By doing this you'll show that you appreciate where they come from and knowing the people who are valuable to their life.

17. Avoid Expectation.
You're not their Guardian Angel who is always there.You also have your own life.At least try to make an effort that you're there in their side the BEST THAT YOU CAN.

18. Know What Faults To Ignore and Faults to Help Your Friends To Become A Better Person.

19. Sometimes BFF Gro Apart.
- They have their own endeavors in life.Just show to them that you're blessed to be part of their life.

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