Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nature Republic Collagen HD Primer BB Cream Review

 Got this in search of the best BB creams in the market.Since Etude and Face Shop are some of the top korean branded beauty store so I tried Nature Republic.I'm impressed that all of their products use natural ingredients so I give it a shot to try it.The saleslady recommended me this tube because she said that it's one of their best-selling bb creams in their store called Nature Republic Collagen HD Primer BB Cream.I for got how much exactly ( I'm so sorry, :((( )...but one this is for sure, it's below 500pesos.

This one only have one shade and it's a bit lighter than my skin.I thought that the shade is perfect when I tested it to the store.What I usually do is I mixed it to my favorite moisturizer so it'll tone down the shade although from full coverage, it'll become medium coverage.I guess for the girls, you can put a little powder which is a bit darken.In short, this bb cream is perfect as a base makeup.

So sad this product doesn't have a moisturizing benefits.I thought that the collagen will help to hydrate my skin it it seems like it only works to make your skin look firmer and glowing.

I'm also sad that this product has a short staying power.After 3-4hours, it gives you a white cast when you take a picture.The pores becomes more noticeable so have no choice but to remove some excess oil and put some powder.

Final Verdict:

Nature Republic Collagen HD Primer BB Cream is a nice product for those who do makeup because it's perfect to use as a base because it's lighter but sadly not perfect for those who'll use bb cream alone.Frankly I consider this more as a liquid foundation because bb cream should have a moisturizing content but it doesn't.

P.S: I got an oily-dry combo skin type so this review so possible that this product might be suitable for those who have a normal skin,

Good thing about buying this is it comes with a trial sachet of some of their moisturizers like this one.I wanna try this snail solution 70.It seems like its a booming trend of using moisturizers that has a snail saliva or first it's a bit slimy but I noticed a little improvement in my skin.

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