Sunday, December 20, 2015

Creamy Pesto Carbonara from House Of Lasagna Review

From the recent Blogapalooza 2014 ( yeah, I know its too late, hahaha ), one of the participating booths is House of Lasagna. I visited their booths and they're giving free slice of their famous lasagna and it taste so good. And thank God, they gave us some information about their company plus a gift certificate worth 100php.

So before heading to my friend's birthday party for her daughter, I've decided to go to House of Lasagna in SM Megamall in lower ground building A to use the voucher. They've got lots of options in their menu but one thing that I usually order in a restaurant is carbonara. While browsing their menu, I spotted this interesting dish: Creamy Pesto Carbonara. I've tasted pasta in pesto oil so I've decided to try this since this one catch my attention.

So I asked the waitress for my order and presented my voucher so from 230php, my total bill is 130php. After waiting for several minutes which is understandable since its a restaurant, not a fastfood, they've already served the awaited dish.

Honestly, I got surprised on the first glance of it because I'm expecting the normal carbonara look with some pesto on it but the first thing that pops up to mind is: PESTO OVERLOAD. 

On the first bite of it, my first impression is right, the pesto is too overpowering and it seems like there's no salt or they only put less salt in it so it taste like almost tasteless. Thank God, they're not that selfish on giving me some parmesan cheese.

The waitress are so generous because she offered us a fresh garlic bread. Somehow, its a perfect match for this pasta dish. Actually, the garlic bread is perfectly satisfying alone.

I honestly sad that I wasn't about to finish it. I felt that it's a waste of money. Tsktsk. I heard from my friend that the only good thing from them is their lasagna and that's it.

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