Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sampleroom.PH Experience

While browsing some skin care blogs before, I spotted a certain blog featuring a bb cream that she got from a site named Sampleroom. I'm surprised that the blogger ( sorry her name, hehehe ) got the featured product for free. At first, I was not interested that time because I was more focused on blogging about my latest OOTDs, hahaha.

But two months ago, I attended the recent Blogapalooza 2014 and Sampleroom is one of the participating booths. I just registered to site ( ) and viola, I got 100 points to use to get available samples from their site plus 2 bottles of Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner from Zenutrients ( I'll feature it soon ).

This is the biggest savings that I got from Sampleroom. Its 450php in the market but I got this during summer and I just paid 100php.

Few days after I registered, I got an email alert about their new samples and those are Jergen's with their new packaging and improved formula. I got excited because its one of my favorite brands for lotion. In order for me to get the free samples, you need to have enough points and since I got 100 point upon registration and it only requires me to use 35 points for each bottle, I ordered two of them. I only paid for 100 pesos for the shipping and handling fee. Even if I still have to pay for the free samples, if you look at it in a budget-conscious perspective, you're getting the products in a discounted price. For example, if I buy those Jergen's Body Lotion in a store, it will cost me 140 pesos for 2 bottles. But by getting it from Sampleroom, you're just getting in for only 100 pesos so you'll get 40-peso savings.

The first sample that I got from them.

Most of the product that they have are in full-size and there are some that really comes in a small size that is really designed for sample use only. In order for us to decide if we're going to buy the full-size or if its worth it to repurchase it, the member should try the product for at least 3 to 5 days. Once they tried it, they just have to put their honest but constructive feedback about it. Yes, Sampleroom will allow you to post your review even if its not a good experience for as long as you adhere to their guidelines. What's more exciting about using their service is for every review, you will earn 1 point. Once they approve your review, you will not just earn additional 1 point, you will also get back the points that you used for the samples. You'll also earn points by referring a friend who might be interested on trying out some samples. Just put their email address to sampleroom's website then once your friend received the invitation and registered, you'll automatically get 1 point.

As of the moment, I've been getting stuffs from them for more than a year and I'm satisfied that is why I share to my friends those samples by posting it in my social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

C'mon,, go check their website at

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